Teaching Assistant Assignments

Teaching Assistantships are offered to academically qualified and registered full time graduate students.  TAs are Academic Employees of the University, and funds for such appointments are reserved by each academic unit for graduate students enrolled in a terminal degree program, such as the MFA or PhD.   The duration and extent of such appointments is determined by each academic unit.  TA duties usually involve leading an undergraduate class discussion section, supervising undergraduate laboratory time, direct laboratory work, grading papers, and/or meeting with undergraduates during office hours.  For a full definition,  click HERE to consult the UCI Academic Personnel  web page.

Within the Design areas, typical TA appointments are 25% (110 hours per quarter) beginning the first week of classes, or in conjunction with our production season calendar for an average of 11 hours per week.    The exact assignment may change for each quarter within an academic year appointment.

Students working under a GSR (Graduate Student Researcher) appointment will work a slightly different schedule.  A typical 20% appointment will translate to 88 hours per week.  This roughly equals 8.8 hours per week in a 10 week quarter.

Teaching Assistant Expectations

In the Drama Department at UC-Irvine, Teaching Assistants fulfill a number of functions.  They have the following expectations in common:

  • TAs are expected to review and implement the Drama Department’s Code of Conduct
  • Each TA is expected to be prepared for every assignment and to show up on time with appropriate materials and knowledge.
  • TAs are to lead with confidence, and to create a fair and open environment among the students, taking initiative when appropriate.
  • All TAs will carry out all expected duties and meet due dates.

TAs are evaluated once each quarter by a faculty supervisor from the appropriate area.  Click to view the TA Evaluation Form.  The evaluation is reviewed with the graduate TA, and both the faculty supervisor and the TA sign the form to acknowledge that the student has read the document.  The student’s signature does not signify agreement with the evaluation.

Each TA will be evaluated for the following:

  • Punctuality- present, on time
  • Fulfils the CORE values from Code of Conduct
  • Leadership and Initiative
  • Fulfils guidelines (above) and is prepared
  • Growth and development
  • Overall rating

In the costume area review, the student will be given the opportunity to file a formal rebuttal to any review if desired.   The faculty mentor will also track and urge the student to pursue projects that may be useful portfolio pieces, or that could allow the student to practice specific design applications.   The faculty mentor may re- assign or rotate the TA duties as needed.