TA Working Hours

Mandatory Group Hours: T/TH 3-5 PM, and two Friday 4 hour work calls before each dress rehearsal.

Additional TA hours must be chosen and scheduled with Julie— these must be consistent hours, so we know when to expect you.  We will ask you to set those hours in the first Tuesday meeting of each quarter.

In the Drama Department our work does not necessarily fit into a predictable weekly slot.  Sometimes we will have less work between shows and other times the projects will call for more than the allotted hours.  TA hours are somewhat flexible, but you must consistently work the majority of your hours each week.  There is a TA Time sheet stored in our Google Drive folder.   You will track your hours by the week.

Friday Dress Rehearsal Work Call

We will call a mandatory 4 hour work call the Friday before each Drama Dress rehearsal.    The designer may relinquish claim to the work call, but not cancel it.  If a show is small or in excellent shape, Julie can then determine if other tasks should be completed during this time.

We will determine the exact time for the work call at the Tuesday weekly meeting before each date.

This call is mandatory and may not be skipped without a medical note.  Missing either call will result in an automatic Unsatisfactory TA evaluation for the quarter.  If you are ill, you must make up the hours during dress rehearsal week of the same show.


1st Years–Holly’s Cotillion

waltzEach new TA must make the same packet the 101 students will make before you teach that class.  When you are assigned to teach it, please see Julie for instructions.  I have named this illustrious task after the Cotillion I was sent to as a girl to learn ballroom dancing and formal social manners.

When I protested that no one did this old creepy stuff anymore, my Mother insisted she could not leave me untrained for any social possibility.  “When you get an invitation from the President, dear, you will know exactly what to do.”   I spent many a Saturday in awful dresses, white gloves and tears.

But darned if my Mother wasn’t right! I’ve since found myself in Washington DC on several formal occasions.  I’ve attended  governors balls and soirees in many states,  and even international cultural attache events.  And I knew what fork to use, what to call everyone, how to negotiate a receiving line, and best of all – I can dance the Viennese waltz to a full string orchestra without embarrassment.

Our humble version of Holly’s Cotillion nightmare is sewing the 101 sampler.  You may find yourself instructing  101 students on short notice.  You may have to quickly teach an undergrad a technique for show alterations.  We want you to be prepared and confident.  The Viennese Waltz is optional.



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