TA Responsibilities

Excerpted from the TA Union Handbook 2006

  • Know the safety regulations that apply to your job and help promote and maintain safety standards.  Report any injuries or unsafe conditions to your immediate supervisor immediately.
  • Report to work in accordance with the established hours of work in your department.  Your work schedule is determined by your supervisor.  (In costumes, arrange your work hours with Vera once you have your class schedule.)
  • Consult with your supervisor concerning unexpected absences as soon as you know you will be unable to report to work
  • Use University time, funds and property for University business only
  • Observe concern for the rights and property of others
  • Observe University access regulations concerning meetings, posting materials, public speeches, use of University facilities and services and other related activities.

Overview of TA Job Opportunities

The Drama faculty may assign each TA in one or more of these roles:

  1. General Costume Shop Duties- costume construction, crafts, dying, millinery
  2. Costume area research or creating new systems
  3. Lead a hands-on section of Drama 101A (see seperate pages in sidebar at right)
  4. First Hand for a staff member- learn draping, pattern making, tailoring

Crafts or Construction Projects

Most of your TA duties will fall into this category.  Each show will present different opportunities for you to build costumes, hats, masks, wigs or learn fabric dying, distressing or painting.   As each show enters the costume shop for its build, arrange with the Designer to work on specific projects that may interest you, further your individual experience or add to your portfolio.    You must coordinate these needs with the Costume Shop Manager and the show designer to use the TA hours efficiently and meet all deadlines.   Larger special projects may be combined with 240 units- discuss this option with a faculty mentor.

General Costume Shop Duties

Our first priority is to create and maintain our department shows.  So there may be times that you will not have portfolio projects to work on, but must pitch in to complete immediate show needs.   You may be asked to do maintenance, pre-production ironing, stitching, general notes, cleaning, organizing, dye work, patterning, cutting, or restocking of costumes.  You make a difference in our shop, its daily appearance, the level of professionalism we project to guests, and our productions!  Please take the initiative to find or suggest productive work that contributes to our shows and our work environment.

Costume Area Research

Research stipends are sometimes made available for the summer months to support costume area needs. Faculty assigns research or project tasks that benefit the design department.  Past projects have included

  • Creating a Blood Bible testing various stage blood recipes, fiber content and cleaning methods
  • Purchasing Library of vendors and fabric swatches available for order
  • Creating a RIT Dye sample book testing each color recipe on TestFabric strips
  • Creating a construction research bible for specific periods
  • Inventory and pack the Historical Study Collection
  • Creating a new class

Digital Systems Research

With the 2009-10 Academic year, we will evolve a new TA position to work with faculty to research and maintain digital systems in the costume shop.  At first this position must be split with General Duties to adequately support department shows.   This position will create design databases and re-usable forms for budgeting, costume piece sheets, labeling, dressing lists.  There are also several special projects to implement a digital working drawing system and supporting the new digital printer.  This position will be defined through the year- if you have a particular interest in this area please talk to Holly.

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