During your first teaching assignment, you may find yourself barely one step ahead of your students.  You will have to learn your own subject more thoroughly than you thought so that you can teach it to others!  If you are rusty on a particular technique, or worried that you learned something differently than this shop’s method, its ok.  PLEASE work ahead and practice new techniques ahead of time.  Don’t make your students wait- and lose respect for your authority- while you find out what to do.

UC-Irvine offers a excellent support for early career teachers.  Please visit the UC-I Center for Instructional Development & Distance Education (CIDDE) online or in person.  Click HERE to view their website.     They offer online and in-person services, workshops, resources and consultations.  Some workshops or events require the permission of a full time faculty member to attend.  Do not hesitate to ask Holly for any required permissions.  If you think you may be interested in teaching, it is well worth it to sign up for the free sessions while you are a graduate student!

The UCI CIDDE web site links to an excellent TA Guidebook published by the University of Pittsburgh titled The Teaching Assistant Experience.   While much of the advice relates to traditional lecture class formats, there is much that applies to our lab- based situation.

Another excellent resource is the UCI Teaching, Learning and Technology Center.  Click HERE to visit their website.  They offer a number of free workshops using different technology for research and teaching.  This is a valuable resource!  When you leave the university environment, you will not have an opportunity to learn technology for free.

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