Design MFA students may choose between several methods of presenting thesis materials:

  • Written project report documenting and analyzing the thesis show
  • Digital presentation of the thesis show (blog or website)
  • Research thesis on a new topic (allow extra time for this choice)
  • Professional level portfolio of  work
  • Journal article ready to submit for publication or conference proceedings

A thesis requires documentation of a process and critical engagement with the outcome.  Each format above must demonstrate those elements.  Each format will proceed with the same steps and deadlines of forming a committee, creating a draft for critique and producing an approved final document.

Thesis Time Table

Its a lot shorter than you think!  Your thesis must be approved and DUE on JUNE 1st.


Week 5   Meet with thesis Chair to formulate the project approach and format

Week  9   Submit outline to thesis chair

Week 10  Leave for Spring Break with an approved outline or flow chart


Week 1            Submit Rough Draft #1 to your proofreader

Week 2            Submit Rough Draft #1 to your thesis chair

Week 3            Chair reading week, Meet with Chair for Corrections

Week 4            Write Corrected Draft #2

Week 5            Submit Corrected Draft #2 to Chair for final reading.

Week 6            Minor Adjustments usually required

* If this draft still requires major revisions, consult thesis Chair to consider applying for filing extension.

Week 7            Submit Corrected Draft #2 to committee

Week 8            Committee Reading & Re-write Week, Submit Signature Page

Week 9            JUNE 1ST DEADLINE.


Week 10          Submit 2 Spiral or other archival bound copies to Drama.

For  Hollys Complete Guide, please click here to download. This document contains writing tips, format suggestions and care & feeding of your thesis committee.

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