It’s that time of year again – UCIMUN 2017-2018¬†Secretariat applications are officially out! This is your opportunity to take on a greater role within MUN, broaden your horizons, fortify your leaderships skills, and have experiences that transcend the lines of a resume.
Below are the links to our new position applications! Please fill out the application to the best of your ability, and direct any questions to the Secretary General at Applications are due by 11:59pm on Monday, April 3rd. 2017!


UCIMUN Applications require a resume to be sent in to the Secretary-Generals email, to give us a better idea of your professional background and gauge your qualifications. Please attach your resume in .pdf format to an email sent to by the same due date above.

Your email subject line should be:

UCIMUN Application – Full Name – Position(s)BeingAppliedTo

For example, my application as a TA and USG would be:

“UCIMUN Application – Sarah Ahmad – TA and USG”


Under-Secretary General (USG)

Application Link

The USGs of UCIMUN play an integral role in hosting the conference. From helping to choose committees and dais to holding training sessions, this is a demanding role specifically for those with 2+ years of experience in MUN, and are ready to take on a leadership role in the program. Applicants that meet the qualifications will be contacted to take part in a phone interview.


Public Relations/Webmaster Representative

Application Link

UCIMUN strives to make its mark at UCI, but to do that we need talented individuals capable of maintaining a professional image for the program, and making every effort possible to recruit and retain new members. The PR/Web Rep has a very important role in marketing UCIMUN, and would be responsible for coordinating any PR events UCIMUN may take part in, including the Anteater Involvement Fair, Celebrate UCI and the Winter Involvement Fair, just to name a few.


Teacher’s Assistant

Application Link

Social Sciences 20 plays an essential role in the UCIMUN program. Educating college students on the procedure of and ideology surrounding MUN serves to raise awareness about our own program and MUN in general. Our class is a 2.0 unit, P/NP class offered through the school of Social Sciences, and is tentatively being offered Monday 5-7PM. TA’s would help the class’s instructors in the week-to-week operations of the class, and have the opportunity to learn proper MUN instruction while taking part in teaching a university-level course.