Culture Night Season!

As the end of the year is approaching, many of the clubs on campus are putting together one last, big event. This spring season means Culture Night season for a lot of the cultural clubs at universities across the nation. Here at UCI, culture is something we have a lot of pride in. Culture Night is usually a play put on each club that involves a lot of cultural dances, singing, and plotlines. Kababayan, the Pilipino organization here at UCI just had their 2010 Pilipino Culture Night. It was titled “Speak”, and from what I heard, it was a great success! Tomo No Kai, a Japanese/Japanese American social club hosted “A Moment In Time” yesterday night, and I heard that was a lot of fun too! Chinese Association (CAUCI) is putting on “”The Eternal Prisoner: Legend of Lady White Snake” pretty soon, and VSA, Vietnamese Student Association, has ours coming in about a month!

Not only are these performances a good way for the audience to learn more about the culture of the organization putting on the event, but it’s fun for the club members participating as well! Being active in club events gives the opportunity for students to be a part of something other than schoolwork. It’s a great way to meet new people and be involved on campus. For more information about the cultural clubs at UCI and their upcoming events, visit the UCI Campus Organizations Home. You can even take it a step further and attend one of the Culture Night events!

I start practices for VSA’s traditional dance performances and choir this week, and I’m so excited! I’ve been watching videos of past Culture Nights and they’re all so amazing. This is a clip of a traditional dance performed at VSAUCI’s Culture Night in 2007. It’s so pretty!


I’m excited about all the comments that have been coming in. Don’t forget about the ASUCI Spirit Pack Giveaway and be sure to spread the word too! Have a good week everyone, and keep the questions and comments coming!


3 Responses to “Culture Night Season!”

  • Cecilia M. Tran says:

    Faye, for CA? Ahh! What are you going to be doing? This is all so exciting!

    Eric, thank you so much! It is very interesting and fun! It’s such a good chance to learn more about my culture and hang out with VSA. c:

  • Eric Lao says:

    Culture Nights sound so interesting and FUN! I wish the best of luck to you and Faye on your practices! ;]

  • fhcheng says:

    Awesome, I’m in Culture Night too! Only I still need to practice a lot more ><