So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of tours going on around campus and around Mesa Court. I’m so excited for all you incoming freshman!! You are all going to love it here! It’s okay to be nervous. Transitioning from high school to college is definitely nerve racking…but all really exciting at the same time.  This is why us zot bloggers are here to help you with any questions or concerns you all have about going to UCI!

This last Wednesday, students from an organization called Green Campus Program came to my hall and made a presentation about going green in dorms. They gave us some pretty useful information about how to keep the environment cleaner while we are living in the dorms…and I thought it would be useful to share some of these things with you current/future anteaters that are living, or going to live in the dorms.

So some ways to go green in dorms (or anywhere in general) include:

– Turning off lights when not in use

-Instead of using water bottles, get one of those brita waterfilters

-Take shorter, and colder showers

-Use CFL bulbs.

-Unplug things that are not in use (fans, chargers)

-Use the sunlight instead of room light during the day time

-When doing laundry, try to use cold water only

-Turn of sinks when not in using while brushing your teeth or washing your face

-Print on both sides of paper


So these are definitely some things that you could do to help keep the environment cleaner and healthier…and of course, there are tons more things that you could add to this list.

At the end of the presentation, our hall and another hall who was also there, made a pledge about things we would change to make the environment a better place. Maybe you could make one too!

If interested in checking out UCI’s Green Campus Program… click here. Thanks for reading, and as always, if you have any questions or comments, go ahead and ask away!!

2 Responses to “Go GREEN In Your DORM”

  • Kevin Crenshaw says:

    Hey Daisy! This was a great article. I’ll try to remember to follow your tips. Thanks for sharing! =]

  • Christina Kelley Luiz says:

    Hey Daisy! This must be a relatively new organization b/c I’ve never heard of it before. How cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂