I Eat Children

Okay, not really…

This week I went with Circle K to tutor kids at Think Together.  It’s not that I don’t like kids or anything like that, I just find kids that are in between the ages of 10-13 (or the preteen age) completely obnoxious.  I think the Think Together program, which was being hosted at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School, is a really good program for underprivileged students and families.  The concept behind it is that the after-school care would be a free day care as well as tutoring provided by grant money.

It was really an interesting day, considering the fact that I’m interested in pursuing a career in education, particularly administration.  The teachers and program coordinators really put a lot of time and effort into trying to get the students to succeed, and it’s hard to bite the fact that sometimes some students just don’t want to try no matter how hard you try to motivate them. Regardless, you’re obligated to try your best and that’s just what we did :).

The great thing I really like about Circle K is the fact that there’s always something to do.  In high school, there wasn’t always something almost everyday, but in college there’s always an event almost everyday gives you a lot of choices.

Let’s see, other than Circle K, this week was my birthday :)!  I’m not really the biggest birthday person but I had a really nice dinner with a few friends from the hall at a all-you can eat sushi restaurant. MMMmmmmMmmmm. sushi. sooo gooood.  I wish I had pictures from it but people are slow to post it on Facebook, so i’ll put up pictures next time.

Also this week, Mesa Court is taking registration to a charity poker event.  All that is required is four canned goods to be donated to the Orange County Food Bank.  I’m pretty excited for that since I absolutely love poker and the concepts of the game, I’ll let you guys know how I do when the time comes.

Who I’ll be come charity poker time! If you know who this is then you’re in the know!

5 Responses to “I Eat Children”

  • Anthony Chan says:

    Thanks guys! 🙂

  • Eric Lao says:

    It’s interesting to hear about Circle K and its activeness in the community. I took part in a few activities associated with my high school’s Key Club and it was really fun! Though I was limited to go to the events, with rides and limited dates… I may still be limited in involvement but I look forward to your accounts on the experiences in Circle K!

    Happy Birthday Anthony! :]

  • fhcheng says:


  • Cecilia M. Tran says:

    I’m considering an education-related career as well!

    And Happy Birthday Anthony! I hope all your wishes come true. :3

  • Christina Kelley Luiz says:

    Happy Birthday, Anthony! Mine was yesterday. Go Aries!