Welcome back, welcome back, welcooome back.

I hope you guys all had (or are having, soon to have) a good Spring Break :).  I had an amazingly comfy, relaxing, and somewhat busy time with friends and family so all in all it wasn’t too bad.

Okay, so since this is a new website I guess I should introduce myself first.  I’m Anthony, I’m a first-year Undecided/Undeclared student here at UC Irvine.  If you want to get to know me a little better, feel free to post a comment and I’ll get back to you or just read our previous blogs on the old website or the bios :).  So one of the things I want to focus on and really talk about this quarter is involvement.  I recently joined Circle K, which is basically Key Club from high school evolved into a college level.

I really enjoy doing service and volunteer projects for others and lately I’ve been going with Circle K on Friday afternoons to volunteer at a Soup Kitchen in Costa Mesa.  It’s a really good experience to be able to learn a bit of humility when helping others because as my roommate and I were asked to clean out the sinks…. well, we’ll leave it at that.  Thankfully since I’m Undecided/Undeclared I have a bit of extra time to devote to other things like Circle K haha.  In case you were wondering which soup kitchen I’m volunteering at, it is Someone Cares Soup Kitchen.

I feel fairly involved on campus, but I’m not sure if it’s enough.  My grades are hanging alright and I’m pretty happy, but I’ll see about what else I can start doing and getting involved in.  Oh yeah, throw in basketball into my mix of involvement at UCI.  I literally play basketball everyday and if I don’t I start getting a little antsy and have basketball withdrawals.  I’m also really excited for playoffs for the Lakers… I’m actually avoiding watching any games in the regular season right now because the Lakers are just doing horrible leading up to the playoffs.

I want summer to come sooner! Beeaaaacccchhhh.  Ironic because it’s raining in Irvine right now…

5 Responses to “Welcome back, welcome back, welcooome back.”

  • Lluvia says:

    who’s that sexy guy you holding up

  • Anthony Chan says:

    Jaimie! I do remember you by the way 🙂

    Undecided/Undeclared isn’t as horrible as people tend to see it. It gives you extra time to look at other things and see what you really want to do. Other people are in majors already but will end up changing it within the first year, it really happens a lot. The counselors really help you decide and put a plan for you to be successful.

    I’m not in FYEP, but I haven’t really heard any complaints. Most U/U students end up taking Uni Studies 2 which is a 2-Unit class that’s a bit of a GPA boost and tells you about all the different schools and resources available to you (basically its a u/u get to know the school class). That was pretty helpful to me. That was also where I heard about being a U/U blogger 🙂

    If you have more questions about FYEP I’d ask Faye, but in my opinion I’m pretty happy just being in a general interest hall!


  • Anthony Chan says:

    Hey Noosha, at the end of your first year everyone affiliates with a school (ie: school of social ecology, school of engineering, etc.) but can remain a undecided major within that school. Affiliating with a school does not determine your major, but places you in a school where their counselors (like engineering counselors) will be working with you.

    You must declare a major by the end of your second year after filling the prerequisite classes for that major (general classes like math, econ, etc.).

    The earliest you can you make your decision is pretty much anytime I think. All you’d have to do is talk to your counselor, but most people just take classes similar to the major you have in mind and follow the 2 year plan provided by the Undecided/Undeclared counselors.

    Hope that clears things up :). Congratulations on getting into UCI!

  • Jaimie says:

    Hey Anthony,

    Like the previous comment, I’ve been accepted for the undecided/undeclared major and I went to TCHS with you, but I don’t think we ever met officially but we have a couple mutual friends. Anyways 😛 could I get your feedback on the undecided/undeclared major and the FYEP? The one where you take a bunch of classes from a variety of majors to try to find what you’re passionate for? When I heard about it at the orientation, it sounded really good and I like the idea of being able to try everything, but then I get mixed reviews from current UCI students. They say it’s a waste of time and money and it would be better to just declare a major as soon as possible (during SPOP I suppose) and try to get all my credits in.

    Thanks so much!


    Oh yeah, how did you get the opportunity to be a blogger for this? 😛

  • Noosha Eftekharian says:

    Hi Anthony, I’ve been accepted for the undecided/undeclared major, and i was wondering when is the earliest that I could make my decision and the latest? 🙂