Nancy Doran and Her Sculptures

So this week is about Nancy Doran and her sculptures.

What I found out about her personally was not much, but I did find quite a bit on the sculptures she created and how they are at UCI.  She grew up in America during the 60’s, and moved to Italy with her husband, Phil Doran, the author of the book “The Reluctant Tuscan.”  In Italy she created these white Carrara marble statues, portraying what she thought was an expression of the human condition such as our troubles and turmoils, and also our strife and our beauty.  After displaying these in several Italian shows, she decided to move them back to America, where, somehow, they came to UCI and are now here for our viewing pleasure.

The statues are located behind the Science library on the way to the medical research buildings, and adjacent to Campus Village.  There are a total of twelve of them, arranged with 6 on each side. I’ll only show a few here though:

A cool thing she did with these was that she invited some blind people (I got both students and just OC residents when I was looking this up, so I don’t know which one is for sure correct) to experience the art.  The special thing about this was that usually, blind people are not allowed to touch art in galleries (something that really hadn’t crossed my mind until I read it, but it makes sense), so them being able to touch and feel these sculptures to their hearts content was a special moment for them, since they cannot really enjoy visual art.

On a side note, while walking a little furthur on past these sculptures, I saw this bridge, and it reminded me of another bridge/scene from one of my favorite movies: “Spirited Away.”  Here’s the bridge I saw by the sculptures, and the one I’m talking about from the movie.  Ahahahah I was just struck by the similarities.  And of course while walking across the bridge, I did not look behind me.  Ahahahah didn’t want to pull a Sodom and Gomorrah. ;D

Sprited Away image taken from a search off Google,

Also, I got most of my information of Nancy Doran and her works off of these two websites, if you are interested in reading the original articles:

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  • Kim Mac says:

    Hello Alec,
    thank you for sharing an awesome post! These Nancy Doran sculptures are absolutely beautiful. I appreciate the links in order to learn more.