Roommate Problem 3: Schedules/Patterns

Okay, so I’m on my final roommate issue! For the last article, I will feature schedules and sleeping patterns. This is what I said in my original roommate post, and I will like to follow up on it. I don’t have any friends who have problems with their roommates due to schedule incompatibility, and usually if there is an incompatibility it can be sorted out without having too much trouble. But it also depends on personality.

All right, so these are the steps you must take if you want to avoid the most unnecessary of problems. Just listen to me!

  1. Compare Schedules
    • Show each other your schedules. Do you guys have the same classes? By comparing schedules you will be able to know when each other will potentially be in and out of the room. Perhaps you want to bring a friend over–do it when your roommate is in class. Maybe you want to clean or just have some private time to yourself? Do it when your roommate isn’t there, plus you’ll be able to estimate. That is, unless your roommate tends to skip class.
  2. Set Alarms
    • Tell and show your roommate when your alarm is going to go off so he or she doesn’t get upset in the morning. After all, no one likes it for their sleep to be interrupted. Especially by an alarm that doesn’t even apply to their schedule.
  3. When One Is Asleep…
    • Okay, so there is a high chance that you and your roommate will not sleep at the same time. I cannot personally relate to this on a roommate level as I am in a single room, but I have come into similar situations with sleepovers and just last week, when my front door neighbour wanted to study in my room and I feel asleep. In the case the he or she falls asleep before you…just keep it down. If you want to do a Skype call with a friend, or any phone call, either keep it down or go outside. If you want to play music, put in headphones. If you have homework, try going to the library or just turning on your desk lamp versus the room light. Just think of what you’d want your roommate to do in case it was the other way around, and it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust.

This is respecting each other in what I believe to be a basic level. What do you think? What do you do if your roommate is sleeping? At night, during the day? Have you ever been woken up by the other person’s alarm? Has anything negative ever happened between you and your roommate due to alarms, incompatible sleeping schedules, and so on??

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