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What an Awesome Week!

Hey, fellow Anteaters! I hope you all had a great Week 3! I know I did! My hall had an event where we got to sing Happy Birthday to all my hallmates who have their birthdays in January. It was really nice and awesome that we got the chance to do that.


Dean of Students performing “Hey Ya!” by Outkast.

All throughout the week, we are playing a game called Assassins. My RA gave all of one person to “kill” by either slashing them on their back with a plastic spoon, throwing a pair of rolled up socks below their neck, or putting salt in their drink when they are eating in Brandywine or Pippin Commons. It’s been so much fun playing. I’m still alive, but I get so paranoid walking into Middle Earth because I never know if some Oakie girl will kill me when I’m not paying attention. For the whole week I was carrying a spoon and socks with me but it was worth it since I was having fun.

I was able to attend the Dean of Students rap during lunchtime on Thursday for the Homecoming event. Many students were cheering him on, and there were parents and staff as well. Being there was so much fun and a great vibe was going around. Everyone was having such a great time, laughing, recording and taking pictures. It was incredibly unbelievable seeing the Dean of Students perform!

Have a wonderful Week 4 Anteaters!

Zot On,


Truly Serving Him

..Learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve him with your whole heart and a willing mind.”  – 1 Chronicles 28:9

UCI’s 2014 Homecoming Nominees!

Everyone, this week was full of excitement. As always, God never ceased to blow me away in which I’ll share in just a bit, but what made this week different, was my first UCI Homecoming!

Let me add, it was my first homecoming game ever, since I never attended one during my high school years. I’m very glad, though, that my first experience as a freshman was at UCI! Every day, this whole week had activities revolving around Homecoming. There was a volunteer event, a Trivia Bowl, and even a talent show of the nominees for King and Queen. (Look towards the bottom for a surprise!)

I would like to share of an awesome opportunity God brought for me to serve! The service I speak of is the time I give to help and support my church in its needs, all for God and Him solely. It’s not because I should, or because it’s the “right” thing to do, but only because of the fact that God simply deserves it. For all that He has done for me, it is but a small act of thankfulness.

"He just couldn't wait to be King!"

“He just couldn’t wait to be King!”

With my church, Harvest OC, I have the chance to help in the Children’s Ministry known as, “Rock the World.” You must understand that I’m really grateful, because since I’ve been bouncing back and forth from home and Irvine, I haven’t really settled down in where I can serve. I was really praying about it during Fall Quarter, but after some time, I realize I kind of gave up and stopped looking. Well, He brought it to me anyway! He is so good, to grant me this opportunity even though I was unfaithful in asking.

I even found out tonight, of a possible mission trip for Panama over the summer. Keeping it all in prayer. Who knows? If He calls me there, so be it. To live is Christ. I have a greater calling on Earth to reach out with the Good News that can change someone’s eternal destination. Just thankful God would even use me in His great work.  Such a privilege.

Homecoming Basketball game against Hawaii

This brings me to the point: God wants to use us!  But only those who abide by the heading verse can be used for His glory. What I desire for myself, is that I would come after Him in love, truly know Him through His Word, and serve him wholeheartedly with purpose and joy. All with a true willing mind.


Aby Ambriz

P.S. I had to share this hilarious promo video. It’s for the Homecoming King, David Conley!


Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! This past week was Homecoming week here at UCI where a lot of festivities were held

Picture with Peter before  the game with Khehkash and Michelle!

Picture with Peter before the game with Khehkash and Michelle!

throughout the whole week like a trivia bowl, dance performances, a talent show, and wrapping it all off was the big basketball game vs University of Hawaii on Saturday. Before the game started, there was a street fair outside the Bren Events Center just like the one that was held after Shocktoberfest. The street fair included dance performances by UCI dance teams, a performance by the spirit squad and the marching band, a ferris wheel, a photobooth, and a variety of other different booths. I attended the game and I can say that it was a crazy intense game! Many students were there to show support, not to mention that it was a sold out event. Irvine had the lead for most of the game but then the game made a turn around when University of Hawaii scored in the last few seconds of the game. This caused them to go into overtime since  they were tied. Unfortunately we ended up losing, but still I give props to the whole team! It was not an easy game and this whole season they’ve showed nothing but their best!

Morning hike!

Morning hike!

Sunday morning I woke up early and went on a hiking trip with my roommates. We got totally lost looking for Turtle Rock, and ended up in a different trail who knows where! I still had fun because the trail we ended up on had a nice view of the whole campus, and I love going on hikes!

Now it is time for me to study since I have my first midterm tomorrow morning (Scarrrrry). I hope that everyone has a wonderful 4th week and till next time :).



Homecoming 2014

Hi, lovely Anteaters!

photo-3I hope everyone had a wonderful and productive weekend because I definitely did. I actually went to my first homecoming game at UCI! There was a lot of interesting things going on with homecoming festival/rally varying from each different schools with their own booths like the Physical Science, Social Science, and more. I ran into a lot of friends while I was at the festival. Oh! I even rode the ferris wheel which was really fun.

I ended up attending my first homecoming game as well. I was honestly not planning to attend it since I’ve had such a productive day or weekend for the most part, but I decided to go and boy, am I glad that I went. The game was intense and there was so much spirit everywhere for our team! Go Anteaters, right!? Even though we ended up losing with a banging score of 86, and Hawai’i having 90. It’s okay though because I honestly thought it was a good game. Everyone played well, and it was just a very thrilling game. There was a lot of unexpected turns and in the end, a lot of people went to Buffalo Wild Wings since we were able to get some free wings.

Besides that for my eventful Saturday that made up my whole week, midterms are just right around the corner. I am going to get my study grind on and I hope everyone else will be able to do that as well! It’ll be a stressful week, but hang in there because in the end, it’ll be just a moment that passed and you’ll be done with your first midterm for winter quarter! After all, as said by Frida Kahlo, “at the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”

So, good luck with midterms until next time! Keep up with the zot, zot, zot!

Love Always,
Lily Trang

Train Up

“All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3: 16-17

Ondas is ready for Philanthropy!

Today is about the importance of the Word, prayer, and service! I sheepishly share with you all that I personally am in need of much discipline in this area, as it’s been shown to me. I’m aware of its effects and the call to change. And for Christ, I shall. As I shared in my last blog, my purpose for anything I strive for in life, is for Him. (To live is Christ!)

Let me just briefly explain prayer for those who aren’t fully aware. Prayer is a means of simply talking to God! It’s not a memorized script that is repeated (Matthew 6: 7), it’s just talking to Him as if you were sharing a conversation with me. In this case though, it’s not with me, but God, himself! It’s an awesome privilege. Bringing to Him thanks, needs, concerns, anything! He loves it when we do with an open heart that is searching for Him; that’s all He wants. And as any healthy relationship, there must be continual communication!

And just as in prayer we reach out to speak to God, we also need to listen for a response. How does He do this? Well, actually He uses many ways, but one of the main methods is through His Word. Through the Bible, He does just as what the verse above says. All in good intentions for us in love. And trust me, when you listen up with an open heart, He’ll blow your mind away! From my own experience, I can testify to that.

1.) So, in my own training of the Word, I began something through one of the Christian groups at UCI called Christian Delta. With my wonderful friend leading, we began on Wednesday a one-on-one in depth study of the Bible as a whole! She put it like this: “I’m going to be giving you pieces of a puzzle, and in the end, you’ll be able to see the full picture. Through the full Word we can learn God’s will and purpose.”  And like every strong building, the foundation is key! If this vital base is missing or weak, the whole structure is bound to fall. So, what is our foundation? Jesus Christ, of course! And in terms of the Word, we began the foundations of why we believe the Bible, how it’s true, and who truly the author is.

2.) As for prayer, what has been brought to my attention is the importance of keeping the needs of others. I have began my own Prayer Card, asking people their requests and recording them. Many are in need, pain, and many don’t know the gospel. They don’t know the Good News of hope Jesus gives freely in love. So I must primarily lift them in prayer, leaving myself last.

3.) Speaking of service, Ondas is beginning to prepare way for our hall’s philanthropy project! Every year, the residents of Ondas host a project meant to assist those who could use some love. In the past, we have served Senior citizens, orphans, and many more people in need. We have begun the process, and I’ll certainly keep you updated on what we settle on hosting!

I encourage you to train in serious prayer and the studying of the Word. The more you spend time with God through both, the more you’ll understand and fall in love with His true character. And share the love Christ gave you, in serving others! God calls us to serve; just as my hall will be accomplishing.

Since "Frozen" came out, and our hall is themed "Tangled"..

I think my R.A. wants to build a snowman!


Aby Ambriz

Third Week!

Hello my fellow Anteaters!

Wow already starting Week 3 of winter quarter, with midterms quickly approaching (Scary!) Time sure does fly fast, and I

While visiting Santa Barbara.

While visiting Santa Barbara.

am barely adjusting to my classes this quarter. I decided to take advantage of the three day weekend to go visit old friends at Santa Barbara, where the sun is always shining. I have to say the culture at the UCSB campus is much more different than the one at UCI especially since a large population of students live right next to campus, whereas UCI is known to be a big commuter school. Yet, both schools share a lot of similarities like the weather and college-type of town.

Now back in Irvine, I am excited for what these next few weeks have to offer. My hall Palo, one of the two FYEP (First Year Excellence Program) halls is in the process of planning its first Philanthropy project! Although planning has just begun, working and giving back to an orphanage is currently in mind. The philanthropy project, a project that FYEP halls conduct every year, is part of what the program has to offer for both halls Palo and Ondas. Along the philanthropy project there is also discussions held for the class Universities Studies 1, in both halls. The class itself helps students navigate through the college system, explore a variety of majors, and exposes students to the different opportunities around campus. Counselors also visit the halls every week where hall residents can ask academic questions, get informed about things going on around campus, and seek advice. Different support is given throughout the year, especially during midterms and finals. The program is designed to help students with the transition from high school to college, exposing students to what the campus really has to offer and how they can get involved, succeed here, and succeed in the outside world. I know that so far living in a FYEP hall has helped a lot with adjusting to college.

With that being said, I hope that everyone has a great weekend and study study study because midterms are just around the corner! 🙂



My First Interviewer!

Greetings, Anteaters!

photo-2 As of today, you’ll have the privilege to meet someone who I consider one of the most amazing people in my life—Jennifer Truong who lives in Mesa Court in Palo. She happens to be my roommate and an Undecided/Undeclared Anteater as well! I got the chance to ask her about her stay at UC Irvine, interests in any particular majors, motivations, and dreams/goals at UC Irvine.

As I interviewed her, I asked her what kind of major(s) she might be thinking about or what kind of major(s) interests her. She actually has a lot in mind such as Nursing, Business Administration, Public Health Policy/Science, and Psychology and Social Behavior. She is hoping by the end of Spring Quarter that she’ll know what she wants to do. Aside from that, her stay at UC Irvine been “welcoming and the people here are just so nice.” She added that, she also loves the weather here and how the buildings are aligned in a circle. It makes walking to classes so easy when you get to cut through Aldrich Park.

photoContinuing on, one of the common questions I always normally ask someone is, “What motivates you in school and do you have any dreams/goals?” Jennifer replied, “I would say my parents. I just want to make them proud. No matter what major I choose, I know that they will always be there for me.” For the dreams/goals response, she said she wanted to, “keep my grades up while working part-time. I also want to be active in some of the clubs I’ve joined last quarter, but haven’t really came out to the events.”

And with that being said, I hope you love her uplifting responses and got to know her a little more. She’s an absolute darling, and maybe you’ll be able to bump into her someday!

I hope you all have a wondrous day.

Love Always,
Lily Trang

Goodbye Winter Break, Hello Winter Quarter!

Hey Anteaters!

I hope you all had a great winter break! I had a great time. I spent a lot of time with my family and boyfriend. It felt great being back home, sleeping in on most days and catching up on TV shows. I was able to watch Netflix a lot like how I used to during the summer. It felt wonderful being home but there were days where I wish I was back in Irvine. But I enjoyed every day of winter break to the fullest.


Posing for a photo with (left to right) my boyfriend’s brother, my sister, me, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s two cousins. It was a fun day 🙂

I feel like I did a lot during the break. I went to the LA Zoo with my mom, sister, boyfriend, and grandma. It was really fun and the zoo had reindeers. The reindeers were adorable! I also got a membership for the Natural History, The La Brea Tar Pits, and one other museum. I went to just two museums and it made me feel like a little kid again. I would go to The Natural History so often when I was younger that it felt like a second home.

One thing winter break gave me time to do was reflect on all the moments I had my Fall quarter here in UCI. I got to meet my two roommates and we are good friends. I simply got to meet so many new people that I am shocked that I made so many friends so fast. I was also involved with an on campus organization and I will keep helping out there this Winter quarter. I just can’t wait and see what this quarter will bring to me! Have a wonderful week 2!

Zot on,


To Live is Christ

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  – Philippians 1:21

A personal devotional I recommend! Excellent tool I’ve learned much from, as listed in the resources below.

Hi, everyone, it’s very good to be back! I’ve been waiting to return from break to share with you what God has revealed to me. And let me tell you, it’s been amazing. It all began when profound concerns were brought to my attention from two people very close to me. That is, my brother in Christ, and my dear cousin.

My cousin, currently facing the raging battle of Junior year in high school, has wondered, “If death is inevitable, and real life begins in heaven, what is the point of working so hard now on earth?” She then teasingly added, “I don’t really know, and I try not to think about it too much. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.”

My brother in Christ, a Senior in high school, has also been struggling with the pressures of school and preparations for college. He faces the burdens of pleasing his family through his education, and the fear of not getting accepted into a UC troubles him.

Well, to both of them as believers, and to you reading: CHRIST is everything. God made this known to me as Winter Quarter came closer and closer, and the reality of moving back away from home struck. Why go back? It was much more preferable to just stay home and live in comfort, to live where I am content. Where it’s simple to be a Christian, I’m hand fed the truth, and I’m surrounded by my family. Yet, through the verse above, God reminded me why.

He reminded me of the simple yet profound truth to why I am still here on this earth. (To answer my realistic cousin and my troubled brother.) It’s purely, to bring glory to Christ in everything I do. “But that’s pointless,” you may think. Ah, but if you would just focus your sight above! You too, would then see that what truly matters on this earth, is the time that is to come in heaven (Colossians 3). And success is not based on my accomplishments. My success depends on whether I am pursuing for Christ.

Here at UC Irvine, I have a race to run (Hebrews 12) and missionary work to attend to. I’m not here for myself, or to simply get an education for my career. I have a mission, a duty as a messenger of God. I’m here to share what many do not have. That is Jesus Christ.

Jesus has won my heart with His love. He’s my absolute everything, and He is life itself.

In Love,

Aby Ambriz

Resources God used to speak to me:

  • Greg Laurie’s “How Eternity Can Bring Focus to What Really Matters” message from Harvest Christian Fellowship on Sunday, Jan 5th
  • “Morning and Evening” by Charles Surgeon, January 7th
  • Hebrews 12: 1-2
  • Colossians 3

Welcome Back!

photo 1

Shopping trip with my friend Carmen at Union Square in San Francisco.

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome break away from classes and school work with family and friends! During winter break I flew back home to the Bay Area. This time I had a lot of time to catch up with my loved ones since when I had flown back for Thanksgiving break, I had too much work to do right before finals week that I wasn’t given the chance to catch up with many of my family and friends! Break did get really chilly back home since the Bay Area usually gets a bit colder than here in SoCal.

I spent the first week back home anxiously waiting for grades to be released especially since I had no idea what my grades would turn out to be. I was surprised with the grades I got back because I did do better than what I expected, though I know that it was not my best. This quarter I hope to really step it up and get the grades that I know I can get. So far I have been enjoying all my classes, and all my professors this quarter are all very interesting and make the classes really engaging.

This Winter quarter has started on a good point, and I hope it continues to be like this throughout the whole quarter. I plan to soon start applying for different leadership positions around campus, organizations, clubs and internships for both spring and summer! I am really excited for what this new quarter has to offer, and hope to make the best out of it!



The Beginning of Winter Quarter!

Welcome back, lovely Anteaters!

photo 1I hope everyone had a wonderful and warm winter break. My winter break was very relaxing and definitely warm since I live in the heart of San Fernando Valley which can be very warm at times. I caught up with my two closest friends over winter break which was one of the highlight of my break. I went to meet them back in my hometown, San Gabriel Valley. Aside from that, another memorable event was going to Disneyland with  such great company and I am now a Disneyland annual pass holder. The rest of the time, I stayed home with my family and celebrated my older sister and brother’s birthdays since they are January babies.

During winter break, fall quarter grades came out. I passed all my classes and it was a good pleasant surprise! Although I didn’t do as well as I expected, I plan on doing a lot better during winter quarter. I plan to put my education first because knowledge is powerful. This winter quarter, I am still planning to still be a part of Kababayan which is the Filipino organization as I’ve mentioned before. I will be starting my internship for this organization which is pretty exciting! I am excited because it will keep me productive throughout the quarter.

photo 2Overall, my goal this winter quarter is to do better in school and learn to time manage while still being busy with other important aspects of my life. I would make time for my family and friends, so there will be a healthy balance between school, family, friends, and interning.

So, here to winter quarter! I hope winter quarter will treat all Anteaters a lot better! Let’s get our game on. We can do this. Hehe. Have a wonderful one, Anteaters!

Love Always,
Lily Trang