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Goodbye Week 7, Hello Week 8

So here I am… I log on to post my week 7 blog post, and THERE’S NO WEEK 6 post! I’m not sure what happened to it, but I really apologize to you all for that. I promise I will make it up to you… Somehow. lol

But first, let me fill you all in on what went on throughout my week.

For starters, I truly cannot believe that week 8 is already creeping up. It feels like just yesterday I sat in my Bio 94 lecture for the first time.

This week was full of nothing but studying. Since I had my second bio midterm, the time to grind was here. I can honestly say that I put in at LEAST 20 hours of studying. It may sound bizarre to hear that, but college midterms are a lot different than high school midterms. To put it into perspective, consider the fact that college midterms make up approximately 40%-60% of your grade. Yeah, crazy, tell me about it.

Onahi the other hand, I’m working super hard on a Care Package Project that I am heading for my Angel Heart Club. The goal is to make 5-10 care packages that we can hand deliver to the children in China. So far I am working on collaborating with different organizations around the Irvine community to hold a toy drive. It is going to be a lot of work, but I know that it will all be worth it at the end.

Ondas’ Philanthropy project took place this weekend! Sadly I was unable to attend but I heard so many good things about the weekend! I am looking forward to seeing pictures and will definitely share them with you all when I see them !

As for next week, I will continue to have a week full of studying since I have a chem midterm coming up on Thursday!



Ondas’ Day in the Sun

Hello fellow Anteaters!

Yesterday Undecided/Undeclared Ondas hall led their annual philanthropy project here in Mesa Court’s own field: Fun in the Sun Field Day.


Ondas teamed up with Project Hope Alliance, an organization that dedicates their time and resources to end homelessness with children in Orange County, to make this event possible. The event offered a variety of activities for the kids to be involved in: flag football, bracelet making, paper cutting, relay races, painting, kickball, and origami making.


Claudia made a poster for Kim; it currently rests on Kim’s wall, above her desk.

When asked whether she felt she had positively impacted someone’s life that day, my roommate, Kim, responded with a “yes”, specifically with her ten year old friend, Claudia. Kim noticed that Claudia was shy and seemed at distant during the beginning of the event, but by the time lunch came around, Claudia was feeling comfortable around Kim, laughing and having fun. “Food was a good way to bring us together. I had fun showing her around the different stations at Lot 5. We tried ice cream with rice krispies, and then we sat down and got to talk; it was nice.” Kim also believed that her positive reactions to Claudia’s suggestions helped her feel more at ease around Kim.

Fun in the Sun Field Day didn’t just allow for Kim to bond with Claudia, but it also allowed Kim to bond more closely with three of her hallmates: Kiet, Sergio, and Monica.


Kim, Kiet, Sergio, and Monica teaming up with matching bracelets.


All the best,




Hello fellow Anteaters!

This past Thursday was Soulstice, UCI’s annual, campus-wide talent show. It was a good way to celebrate the end of midterms.


My lovely roommates and hallmate at Soulstice with me!:)

I was blown away by the talent all the contestants possessed. I really enjoyed the variety of categories: dance, solo/duet, a cappella, fushion, and band. One of my favorite solo performances was by Adrienne del Rosario. Her stage presence made me forget I was at the Bren’s Center enjoying a talent show; she made me feel as if I was at a opera house. And her voice, wow, she sounded like a Disney princess!

During the main intermission, I distinctly remember hearing an older woman saying the follow: “These kids have so much talent, but the sad part is that they will end up being doctors, lawyers, business men and women.” In hearing this was thought-provoking. Whether or not all these “kids” end up pursuing a different career choice, the thought of that is sad and interesting. I remember when I was younger, maybe around the age of seven or eight, I wanted to be a singer and a songwriter, but slowly the idea of a “real” job began to diminish that dream. To us, and what makes up a great majority of society, those “real” jobs are considered to be jobs that will grant us financial stability. Some fruit for thought: do you think the arts are being valued in society, as they should?


All the best,



So I received what might possibly be the greatest news ever! I am officially going to China during spring break!! A little over a month from now I will be en route to help young children of China suffering from CHD’s (Congential heart disease). When I officially received the news I literally jumped up and down for probably 10 minutes! lol So as of now the plan is to leave during finals week and return a few days before school starts back up. I will definitely keep everyone updated on the status and different elements regarding the trip.

ContraIMG_0808IMG_0816ry to most Anteater’s week 5, mine was extremely relaxing. I didn’t have any midterms or deadlines to meet. I most definitely took advantage of that fact and cruised through the week.

This weekend was pretty chill. My friend held a brunch at the spectrum (mall) for her 19th birthday. It was really nice to just hang out with friends and celebrate her day with her!

I also took the free time I had and went home for a night. YES, one night. lol I think its important to take some time away from school and spend with family every now and then. ( If you are able to do so.)

Other than that, week 5 was really just a time to let my brain get some air. Next weekend I’m going to the Valentines Crush concert so I’m looking forward to that.

I have some midterms creeping up in the following weeks so that should be…… FUN! Hahaha.

Oh, I almost forgot! This week is Soulstice ( UCI’s annual talent show), a lot of residents in Ondas will be there, so I will let you all know how that goes in my next blog!


zotfingers– Nicole

Upcoming Dance-a-Thon!

Hello fellow Anteaters!
For this blog I wanted to talk about community service and how big of a factor it is for my sorority (Sigma Delta Sigma). Our sorority requires twenty-five hours of volunteer work per quarter, and although that is a lot, there are many opportunities to do so from outside organizations or at UCI. It is sad to say, but I have not yet completed any of my hours, and as a result, I have booked the rest of my February and March for events. Coming up this month is the UCI Care-a-thon, which is a six hour dance marathon that is fundraising for NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for premature babies). For those who fear dancing, don’t worry about it, I’ll most likely be Monica Gellar from the gif below, but dancing is not required as long as you don’t sit down for the duration of the event!

I don’t know how many of you are Pretty Little Liars fans, but there was an episode in which the girls participate in a dance-a-thon in attempts to find “A”, an anonymous person who has been threatening them with their secrets. I think it would be a fun experience to have; I’ve never attend one before, but that particular episode made me want to attend one (except “A” won’t be there to ruin the event for us).

“A” attempting to ruin Hannah’s night by using her financial problems against her.

I am really looking foward to participating in the event, and I’ll be sure to let y’all know how it went, but for now, if this has caught anyone’s attention, fellow Anteaters, this is the link to sign up: .


All the best,

P.S. Good luck on midterms this upcoming everyone!

Homecoming week


Hello little Anteaters!

So last week was a very exciting week for the UCI community! It was HOMECOMING! Now I know that when a lot of you think about homecoming the first thing that comes to mind is, a football game and a dance. Well, although that idea may hold true for many of you in high school, homecoming at UCI is slightly different.


First off I would like to congratulate and flaunt our outstanding football team for going undefeated in 50 years!

(If that doesn’t entice you to want to come to UCI, then I don’t know what will.)

Throughout the week the campus held several events to rally spirit for the game. The homecoming court was challenged to all sorts of games and activities to prove who would be declared the “best”.

Saturday, the day of homecoming, there were many festivities and events held on campus. All the way up until the basketball game there were things to do. We played UCSB, and of course won!

Personally this week was not the easiest week for me. Although everyone was out having fun, I was in studying for my midterms. YES, life gets REAL anytime a test comes around. Monday I have a Bio midterm, and Thursday I had a Chemistry one. Not to mention the 6 page essay due by Friday at 4. The week was extremely stressful and full of endless studying, but somehow I survived to tell this story to you!

If you were interested in Ondas, well I have a few updates for you. We have officially started Basketball and Soccer. Since I’m not “on” the team, I will try my very best to get out and support the team! Our Philanthropy project involving the children is going to take place in a couple of weeks so I am excited to see how everything pans out!

Hope everyone is doing well!

zotfingers– Nicole


Hello baby Eaters!


Yay Our Homecoming game has passed and we won!!! Yessssssss!!!!! It’s so exciting because we won 77-55 or so I have heard. I wasn’t able to make it to the game 🙁 I had to work that day wahhhhh and I also had to work during the Super bowl. I can’t believe that I missed all the commercials and the halftime show! Well that’s one of the downsides of having a job but on the upside I have a little extra money each day and that can be really helpful especially when it comes time to buying all my textbooks and supplies. This week was really fun because of all the festivities around campus. All the booths and stands in Aldrich Park were really fun to visit. It was cool watching how much effort was put into the celebration. I think that Homecoming was really interesting because we don’t have a football team. Our Homecoming revolved around our basketball team. It’s definitely not what I ever expected from a college homecoming; it’s very different from the movies. Well it was a lot of fun, but I’m just sad I didn’t get to enjoy all of it.

I can’t believe that we are halfway through the quarter. It’s going so quickly and everyone is getting ready for midterms. I already had my first midterm for Math 2A! There is so much to look forward to this quarter, and we are almost done with the first five weeks. Good luck with midterms everyone!!!

Zot Zot Zot!

Lots of love from little me


Homecoming in Spirit

Hello fellow Anteaters!

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend UCI’s homecoming festivities or the game. My grandmother’s health had complicated, and instead of going, I spent the day with my family and accompanied my mom to the airport.

I am, however, very proud to hear that we won against Santa Barbara, whoop, whoooop! Although I could not attend, I did have a group of reporters representing me at the festivities and the game, and with all the pictures, I was definitely there in spirit.


Sigma Delta Sigma having too much fun at the photo booth on Aldrich Park. (Photo Credit: Rebecca)


Sigma Delta Sigma not resisting to take a picture with a blow up of Peter the Anteater.



Final score: 67 to 57. (Photo credit:Angeline)


Our cheerleaders performing during a time out. (Photo Credit: Christine)
























As y’all can see, my sorority sisters were having too much fun yesterday, as well as my roommate and hallmate, Christine and Brian. I will definitely attend next year and experience a homecoming here at UCI for myself.


All the best,