Dear Future Anteater

Dear Future Anteater!

From one Anteater to the next, I would formally like to welcome you! My name is Nicole and I am currently a first year Undecided/ Undeclared student here at UCI with hopes of pursuing bio. Aside from studying, my hobbies include getting involved on campus and hanging out with friends! Originally I’m from a small little town called Victorville. Ever heard of it? Yeah, not many have.. lol. I chose UCI for many reasons. Major determining factors that led me to UCI were the renowned faculty and departments, the school’s atmosphere, and the location.

Coming into college can definitely be exciting but also in many cases scary! One piece of advice that I always tell incoming students to do is to get as involved as HUMANLY possible over the summer. Around this time you should be receiving different invitations to come to campus and check out some programs. Other than SPOP, these programs will not only help you get acclimated with the campus, but it will also provide you with a network of friends! The summer before school started I came to a couple different programs on campus, but one that I really wish I attended was the “ Summer Start Program”. Mostly everyone that I talk to now say that it was an experience that they are truly glad they took advantage of. Another piece of advice is to talk to your TA’s. If you ever need help with a subject these people will do as much as they can to make sure you get the help you need! The biggest surprise for me was all of the opportunities. I have only been through ⅔ of my first year and I have already traveled to China! Needless to say however, in order to do things like this, you must be willing to put in the time and effort.

I cant believe that I am already in my last quarter as a freshman! Time flies! These past quarters have taught me a lot about myself. Through all of the trials and trivials, I have found my way and realized that I can do anything that I really put my heart into. Hope to see you on campus!

zotfingers– Nicoleunnamed-2

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