VIETNAMESE FOCUS’ Art Director and Exhibition Designer have been recently recognized for their immense talents and dedication to their craft. Read and listen to their accomplishments here:

James Dinh, M.L.A. & M.P.H., Art & Exhibition Director James was recently awarded the public art commission to build a memorial dedicated to Orange County’s Vietnamese community: – Asian Garden Mall to get statue symbolizing Vietnamese-American success since fall of Saigon – Phước Lộc Thọ sắp có tượng nói về lịch sử …

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Western History Association Conference

October 15-18 2014 Tram Le and Dr. Thuy Vo Dang presented “Learning, Teaching, and Preserving Southeast Asian American history in Southern California” …

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SOHA Conference

April 3-5, 2014 Tram Le and Thuy Vo Dang presented at the Southwest Oral History Association (SOHA), “Courage to Ask, Courage to …

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