Work Tasks February – March 2017

Most tasks are a one time thing. For example: If you choose General Maintenance you might not need to take out the trash and the condition of the community resource slab might be fine so you’ll only need to do weeding or something else on the list. These descriptions are general. Other tasks may come up that need to be addressed. Some tasks are DATE specific.

Please choose one task from the following list to complete in November or December. Click here to choose your week and task: SIGN UP


General Maintenance: Empty Trash Bins, Check Hoses for Leaks, Return any                                                 stray tools to Shed

Straighten up Tool Shed: This should be a few people working together to check tools, straighten up and report and needed repairs and happens on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.

Composting: TBD

Weeding Pathways: As soon as the DG is installed in the pathways this should be minimal but we still need to pull any weeds we see before they get out of control.