Postponement of Termite Treatment and Pre-Inspections

February 2, 2016

TO: Residents of Verano Place Unit 6 Apartments

RE: Postponement of Termite Treatment and Pre-Inspections

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the pre-inspections and start of the termite treatment project must be postponed. We have not been given a projected start date, but believe it will be in the near future. When we are given notice to proceed, an announcement will be sent to you.

Treatments will begin two weeks after the notice. We will follow the previously published schedule. Buildings that were scheduled for treatment prior to the actual start of the project will be rescheduled for dates after June 30, 2016.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result of this delay.


Beverly Chaney
Director, Verano Place Housing

UNEX Building Exterior Sandblasting This Week

The UNEX building will be sandblasted on the following dates. This will be a relatively noisy activity. The work will be occurring as follows:


  • Monday, January 11: The north face of the building and small portion of the west face at the north end.
  • Tuesday January 12: The north half of the east elevation (facing Adobe Circle Road).
  • Thursday January 14: The south half of the east elevation. (facing unit 6)
  • Friday January 15: The south elevation and a portion of the west elevation at the south end. (facing unit 6 and Peltason Road)
  • Saturday January 23: The interior courtyard.
  • TBD: After the temporary lift is removed, a small portion of the Adobe Circle elevation will need to be sandblasted, as well. No date has been determined at this time.

These dates are dependent on good weather and are subject to change.


ûNo Lane closures for work on 1/12/16 and 1/14/16 is anticipated. If the rebound from the sandblasting does enter the street, the contractor will close the southbound lane as needed, with all traffic direction and safety measures.

ûClosure of the entrance to Lot 17A is anticipated on 1/15/16.


The majority of work on this project from this point forward will be on the interior of the building and will be much less impactful on the surrounding community.



Beverly Chaney

Director, Verano Place Housing


Coyote Sightings in Verano Place

The Verano Place Housing Office has been alerted that there have several coyote sightings in Verano Place over the past couple of days. The coyotes have been reported near apartment buildings and approaching porches to eat pet food. Coyotes are common in this environment. As Irvine becomes more urbanized, the human population has infringed on those areas where native wildlife has prospered for generations. Throughout the year Verano Place residents report seeing area wildlife such as coyotes, raccoons, opossums and sometimes bobcats. Coyotes often roam the area looking for rodents and small animals. Coyotes are generally nocturnal and are most often out in the late evenings or early mornings.

If you see a Coyote and would like to report the sighting you can call Irvine Animal Control at 949-724-7092 or email If you have any concern that that the coyote is an immediate threat or danger to the community contact UCI Police Department at 949-824-5223 or 9-1-1 they can send an officer over to assist immediately and expedite a response from Irvine Animal Control.

Tips for living in a community with Coyotes and other Wild Animals:

Make noise; announce your presence when approaching dark, protected areas such as trash bins to avoid startling animals and triggering an aggressive response.
Feed pets and domesticated animals inside.
Store bags of pet food in animal proof containers and areas.
Keep small children under close adult supervision at all times.
Talk with children about wildlife seen around Verano Place and ensure they know not to approach them.
If you encounter a wild animal – make a lot of noise: clap your hands, yell, bang pots and pans together, make yourself look as big as possible. Never turn your back and run from the animal.
Some coyotes may freeze and stare, or run a short distance and stop. Continue to make noise and appear as big as possible until the coyote finally leaves the scene. If the coyote appears to be injured, sick or is accompanied by young pups avoid contact and notify UCI Police Department immediately.

Leave any type of food or water out for wildlife.
Make friends with wild animals by trying to capture them, give medical assistance, or handle them in any way. This includes trying to pet them.
Leave trash outside your door.
Allow pets or domesticated animals to run loose at any time.
The City of Irvine has out together a website with information about coyotes. If you are interesed in learning more you can visit


Jennifer Nelson Martinez
Associate Director of Apartment Life
Verano Place Housing
University Of California, Irvine
6529 Adobe Circle Road, South
Irvine, CA 92617