Partner Retreat for Graduate Students, Veterans and all residents of VP and PV: Laguna Beach Hike and Laguna Beach Bonfire

Sponsored by CARE and Palo Verde Housing

Date and Time: Saturday – October 22nd

This is an opportunity for partners to participate in a variety of guided activities followed by engaging dialogue. The day will include interactive communication activities, a beautiful hike in Laguna Beach with ocean views, and close with a beach bonfire. Partners will gain tools in communication strategies, how to show your partner love the way they receive love, develop interpersonal assertiveness, and most importantly build positive and supportive relationships.

Your significant other does not need to live with you in order to participate in this day for getting away and spending quality time together. Did you know your academics tend to improve when your relationship is going smooth? Invest in you, your significant other and your academic success.

Come join us for an afternoon in Laguna Beach. Transportation is provided. $20 per couple.

E-mail pascale@uci.edu to RSVP by October 19th.  Should you require accommodations for this or any PV event or program, please contact sherwook@uci.edu

Playgroup Kick Off Party is September 28!

Verano Playgroup Kick Off Party- Wednesday, September 28th with new coordinator Denise Perez!

Join us for muffins, apple juice and playtime from 10:30-11:30 at the Playground next to Laundry Room 6 (off of parking lot #24)

October Playgroup Activities:

10/5: Fall Leaf Craft

10/12: Bubbles and Music

10/19: Pumpkin Bowling and Pumpkin Story

10/26: Pumpkin Decorating- please bring your own small pumpkin to paint or decorate with stickers

PVV (Palo Verde/Verano) Yoga is back for the Fall!

PV and Verano residents, spouses, and friends, please join us for PVV Yoga to relax and get a great workout!

Yoga sessions will be held every Wednesday beginning September 28th through December 7th. These 10 sessions are brought to you for FREE as a part of PVRC’s and VRC’s community programming. Be sure to show up early as space may be limited. All sessions will be held at 6:00PM in the PV community room.

This class is suited for all levels and abilities, including beginners. Bring along an exercise mat or towel and a water bottle. Be sure to come early for your first session to sign a waiver for the ARC.

Brought to you by your Verano Residents Council and the Palo Verde Residents Council (PVRC).

Animal Reminders for All Residents:

As a reminder, pet dogs (residents or visitors) are NOT permitted in Verano Place.

Accommodations for service and comfort/assistance animals must be made through Disability Services(information found here http://www.dsc.uci.edu/resources/service_therapy-animals.php ). There are many reasons why a resident may have an approved service or comfort/assistance animal.

For more information regarding what an approved service animal is, please visit


For more information regarding what an approved comfort/assistance animal is, please visit http://disability.uci.edu/documents/comfort_assistance_animals_uci.pdf .

Unapproved animals are a violation of your lease. All unapproved animals will be removed from the premises.

Cleaning up after your dog is mandatory- poop must be bagged and deposited in appropriate trash receptacles.


  1. Dogs must be on leash at all times. No exceptions. Verano Place is not an appropriate venue for animals to be off-leash. If you see a dog that is off-leash during business hours, please report it to the Verano Place Housing Office at 949-824-5964. Please contact the after-hours duty line at 949-294-1812 and report any off-leash dogs to the Housing Assistant for all non-business hour sightings. Please call UCI PD if you think there is an immediate threat to safety due to a dog being off-leash.



Testing Date


Wednesday   September 7, 2016

Thursday       September 8, 2016

Monday         September 12, 2016

Tuesday         September 13, 2016

Wednesday   September 14, 2016

Thursday       September 15, 2016

Monday         September 26, 2016

Tuesday         September 27, 2016

Wednesday   September 28, 2016

Buildings 100 through 3200


100, 200 & Laundry Room 3

300, 400 & 500

600, 700 & 800

900, 1000,1100,1200

1300, 1400, 1500, 1600 & Laundry Room 4

1700, 1800, 1900, 2000 & Laundry Room 5

2100, 2200, 2300, 2400

2500, 2600, 3100, 3200 & Laundry Room 6

2700, 2800, 2900, 3000


Monday                October 3, 2016

Wednesday          October 5, 2016

Thursday              October 6, 2016

Monday                October 10,2016

Tuesday                October 11, 2016

Wednesday          October 12, 2016

Thursday              October 13, 2016

Complexes 1 through 12

Complex 1 (6200-6220) & Laundry Room 11

Complex 2 (6222-6253)

Complex 3 (6255-6286) & Laundry Room 12

Complex 4 (6287-6319) & Laundry Room 13

Complex 5 (6321-6352) & Laundry Room 14

Complex 6 (6355-6386) & Laundry Room 15

Complex 7 (6387-6419)


Please be advised that the UC Irvine Department of Environmental Health and Safety will be performing annual fire alarm testing, sprinklers and building inspections in your apartment and building per the schedule above. This annual inspection is a state mandated requirement as highlighted in the attached letter.


Testing will definitely be performed between 9 am and 12 noon and if necessary will continue from 1pm to 3 pm. No testing will be performed from 12 noon to 1 pm.  We will send an email to you when EH&S informs us that their work is completed.


All of the devices inside each apartment and the pull stations for the building will be tested.


You are not required to be out of the apartment/building during the testing, but because of the repeated alarm noise, you may choose to not be in the building.  The Verano Place Commons is available if you are looking for an alternative location to relax while the testing is underway.  Pets are welcome, but must be in their carriers.


Please contact the Verano Place Housing Office at 949-824-5964 or if you have questions.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Debbie Beaty

Verano Place Housing