2014 Trick-or-Treating

If you are planning on taking your child trick-or-treating in Verano tonight, please consider using the following map of Trick or Treat friendly homes. This map shows apartments who indicated that they would be giving out candy. Hard copies of this map will be available at both the Verano Housing Office and the Cyber café after 3pm today.

2014 Trick or Treat Map

Halloween Safety Tips

  • Be safe and Be seen. If your costume is a dark color, consider putting reflective tape on your costume.
  • Take a flashlight with you.
  • Check your candy before you eat it. Be sure it is not a choking hazard or allergy trigger for your child.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Use the pathways and sidewalks to get around- don’t run through parking lots.


The Verano Place Housing Staff wishes you a very Happy Halloween!



Thank You to everyone who registered to be a Trick or Treat friendly home tonight!


Campus Preparedness for Ebola

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty of UC Irvine,

UC Irvine’s Public Health Advisory Committee is working with community partners, including the UC Irvine Medical Center and the Orange County Health Care Agency, to assure that our campus is prepared to safely care for and respond to any suspected cases of Ebola. UCI would like to strongly emphasize that members of the UCI community are at extremely low risk for exposure to the Ebola virus. Airport screening is identifying more than 90% percent of all persons at risk for Ebola infection. All flights from affected countries are being directed to five designated airports that have personnel trained in Ebola risk screening.

The University recommends that persons planning to travel to a high-risk area take appropriate precautions pre and post-travel. If you plan to travel to the affected areas in West Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea), you are strongly encouraged to register your travel information with the campus via the UC Trips. By registering, you will have access to emerging security alerts, back up emergency medical and emergency evacuation services. If you have recently traveled to affected areas in West Africa or have had close contact with individuals who have, please contact the Student Health Center at 949 824-5301.

Students, Staff, and Faculty are all encouraged to call the Student Health Clinic with Ebola-related questions or concerns. Up to date information on Ebola can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety website, http://www.ehs.uci.edu/programs/safety/ebola/index.html

Christina Fingal D.O.
Medical Director
UCI Student Health Services

Meet Our Staff

Meet Jennifer Nelson Martinez! Jennifer is the Associate Director of Apartment Life in the Verano Housing Office. Jennifer works tirelessly in our community and behind the scenes so that we can all live in and enjoy a connected and harmonious atmosphere. Be sure to say hello the next time you see Jennifer!

Position/Role: Associate Director of Apartment Life – I oversee assignments, programs, events, and assist residents with concerns and challenges they are having.

Years at UCI: I have worked at UCI for 12 years and have the privilege of serving in Verano Place since 2012.

Hometown: Modesto, California

One word to describe yourself: Creative

Favorite thing about working at Verano Place or UCI: I love the fact that every day is a new challenge and that I get the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people.

Favorite thing about your job: I love that through my position I get the privilege of working closely with so many community members and campus partners. The residents of Verano Place are amazing and are dedicated to contributing their interests, skills, and talents towards making Verano a great community.

Martinez_Jennifer Nelson (3)


Campus Resources: AGS

Grad students! Are you familiar with AGS? AGS is the Associated Graduate Students at UC Irvine and has many programs, services, and advocacy that they provide to all graduate students at UCI. Read below for additional information and visit www.ags.uci.edu to learn how you can get more involved!

Graduate Student Advocacy

On Campus:

We access the administrators; your voices get heard. We advocate for you on issues of housing, parking, campus budgeting, and the various student services services on campus.

Off Campus:

We are deeply involved with lobbying state and national legislatures. Though we advocate on other issues, we are primarily fighting the state of California\’s divestment from public higher education.
Programming for Graduate Students

Social Events

We want to bring you out of your labs, offices, and libraries! In addition to hosting an ever-increasing variety of fabulous events, we fund graduate-student-initiated events and projects!

AGS Symposium

At our brand-new Symposium, graduate students will present their research in approachable ten-minute non-academic talks. Employers around Orange County will be invited to attend, and we will offer more than $25,000 prizes to be awarded to the best presentations. Applications open in Fall 2013. Check out the symposium website for additional information.
Services for Graduate Students


Currently, we draw some independent income as the primary stakeholder in UCI’s Anthill Pub & Grill, a landmark cultural institution at UCI. We are also open to your on-campus business ideas!

Travel Grants

In 2013, AGS raised $70,000 of new funding to send graduate students to academic conferences. If you are a graduate student at UCI, you are eligible. Applications are now open. Check out the travel grant website for more details!


Prevention and Control: Cold and Flu Illness

Contributed by: Shaunie Cluff, Verano Housing Assistant

The cold and flu season is getting underway in many parts of the United States, and will soon be arriving here as well! There are things you can do to prevent the spread of cold, flu, and other seasonal illnesses to yourself and those around you.


Wash your hands frequently, after using the restroom and before eating. Hand sanitizers containing 60% alcohol are a good option.

Don’t touch your face, nose, eyes or mouth without first washing your hands.

Limit your contact with sick individuals.

Practice good home hygiene – clean surfaces regularly with disposable or washable towels and a surface cleaner. If you have sick individuals in your home, use a cleaner that says “disinfecting” or “sanitizing” on the label. Common points of contact in households that harbor germs include sink faucets, toilet handles, TV remotes, all types of phones, computer keyboard and mice, door knobs, stair railings, hand soap pumps, and light switch plates. This link has more info on cleaning these commonly touched areas: http://cleanmyspace.com/10-points-of-contact-to-keep-clean-this-cold-flu-season/

Don’t share dishes, utensils or food with other individuals.

Change and launder the hand and personal towels in your home regularly. The dampness left on these towels is a good breeding ground for germs.

Stay healthy – get adequate sleep, a flu shot, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly and manage stress to keep your immune system healthy.

We’re sick, so now what?

When sick, stay at home as much as possible to keep the infection from spreading to others. If there are others in the home, limit the contact between the sick person and healthy person.

Cough and sneeze into tissues, and then throw them into the trash.

Wash hands with soap and water frequently.

Disinfect commonly used surfaces and in the home.

Manage symptoms with rest, plenty of fluids, and over-the-counter medications if needed. Contact a doctor if you have questions or symptoms become worrisome.

Understand the viral timeline – a person with a cold or flu virus is contagious for about a day before symptoms begin, up to 7 days after becoming sick. A person should not return to school or work until they have been fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medication. A fever indicates you are contagious.

Sources: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/pdf/freeresources/updated/everyday_preventive.pdf   http://www.everydayhealth.com/cold-and-flu/minimizing-germs-at-home.aspx

Maintenance Monday: Balconies, Patios, Sidewalks and Stairs

For the purpose of keeping our community safe and as neat as possible, please do not leave anything that would obstruct sidewalks, steps and stairways – including the emergency stairwells. These areas are not to be used for storage and/or trash.  Do not hang any items including brooms, mops, laundry or other unsightly items on your patio, window or in stairwell areas.  Shoes, clothes or other personal items should not be left on any landing or common area.

We encourage you to make your patio/balcony an enjoyable exterior living space that is safe and well maintained.  No alterations to the buildings (including use of fasteners e.g., nails, screws) or grounds are permitted.  All items must be confined to the actual patio/balcony area and may not overflow onto public/common areas.  Storage is limited to 25% of the total patio/balcony area (floor to ceiling and side to side).  Items used in these areas must be suitable for outdoor use and safely used/stored in the space per manufacturer’s instructions and Verano Place guidelines. Flowerpots and planters may not be placed on patio or balcony railings, patio walls, entryways or stairways.  They pose a safety hazard and may cause damage to balconies from water seepage.  Note: repair costs associated with plant/water damage will be assessed to resident.  Periodic inspections will be performed on all patios and balconies.


Interested in some practical tips to enhance your relationships in the Verano Community?

Contributed by: Taisha Lewis, Verano Housing Assistant

Verano Place houses approximately 1,221 students, and some of their families. Though all residents share an association with the UCI, there are also many differences among the individuals that call Verano Place home. Verano Place is affluent with a diversity of culture, languages, international students and families, and different educational, professional, and upbringing backgrounds. While maintaining healthy and beneficial relationships with neighbors can sometimes be challenging, living in Verano provides a special opportunity to expand your personal knowledge of the world around you, and also to sharpen your own interpersonal skills.Here are a few tips:

1. Know Your Neighbors by Name: Take the time to meet your neighbors when given the chance. If you don’t feel comfortable going to their door, introduce yourself the next time you see them out in the community. Inviting neighbors over for a meal or coffee is an excellent way to get to know them as well. Knowing your neighbors leads to a more friendly environment and can lead to a strong community support system. It also builds a trusting foundation so that if issues arise they can be hadnled positively and effectively.
2. Always Smile and Say Hi in Passing:; Sometimes neighbors tend to stay more to themselves. In this case it is especially important to take the time to simply say hello and smile. Of course being cordial to all people is important. A smile goes a long way!
3. Be Sensitive to Different Cultures and Value Systems: Be sensitive to the various beliefs that others may have. Taking time to educate oneself on the cultures in the surrounding community will lead to more satisfying relationships.
4. Follow Verano Policies Regarding Noise, Smoking, Dogs on Leashes, etc.: Policies are in place for a reason. They exist to maintain consistency and comfort for all residnets within the Verano Community. Please follow these rules to beneift your neighbors and yourself.
5. Always Attempt to Handle Discrepencies on a Personal Level: If a neighbor is creating some type of disturbance to your life, for example playing music loudly at night, always assume that they are not aware of the negative way that is impacting you. Approaching the neighbor and explaining how it is affecting you in a polite and inoffensive demeanor will give your neighbor and yourself the ability to listen to one another, understand the problem, and come up with a solution together.

Verano Place is a wondeful community! Enjoy the diversity that it can provide, be open with the different aspects that you have to offer, and have successful relationships and friendships with your neighbors!