Biking Safety

Contributed by: Taisha Lewis, Verano Place Housing Assistant 


Bicycle use is common for fun, transportation, and exercise in Irvine, and especially among the students in the UCI Community. Bicycle riding has huge benefits for health, convenience, and environment. Still, it is important to remember that bicycle safety is always an issue that Verano residents should remain conscientious of; regarding both bicyclists and the rest of the community.


There are mandated laws enforced by the Irvine and UCI police departments regarding bicycle use. Laws are set in place for both bicyclists, and drivers of vehicles sharing the road with bicyclists. Among them is the recently passed, “The 3 Feet for Safety Act”, which requires drivers going in the same direction as bicyclists on the road to keep a 3 foot distance. Other violations that could  result in fees are: bicyclists not wearing a helmet, speeding on a bicycle path, unsafe riding, or riding on the UCI campus. For more information on citations visit:


Within the community, as a bicyclist or driver, remaining aware of safety is important. Bicycles are not to be held or stored along walkways, stair wells, or in front of doors. These rules are outlined in the Verano Policy handbook and are in place to maintain safety for all residents. There are many designated areas for bike storage within the Verano community that can be used. While riding through the community, one should always remain aware of their speed and others aroud them, especially children. Drivers and bicyclists alike, should follow all traffic rules and stay vigilant in preventing accidents with one another. Especially at night it is important that reflectors are used on bicycles and that bicyclists wear flourescent or white clothing that can easily be seen by others.


As the Verano community is shared by many adolescents, kids bicycle safety is also an important subject. Children are especially vulnerable to accidents and should wear helmets at all times while riding a bicycle, and other safety equipment as needed. Bike should also be adjusted to fit their height, and all parts of the bicycle should be inspected for maintenance and repair as needed. Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult while playing outdoors.


As a last note, register your bike for free with the UCI Police Department and remember to always use a lock while storing your bike. This helps to prevent damage to your bike from being removed and also to deter from the possibility of theft.


A full list of policies regarding bike storage, riding, impound, and registration can be found at:


Spring is Here- Time to CLEAN Out Those Dust Bunnies!

Did you know these simple steps may reduce your risk of getting sick? It’s time for a good spring-cleaning!:

Use an exhaust fan on a regular basis to remove cooking fumes and reduce moisture. Place garbage in a can with an insect-proof lid and empty trash daily. Store food—including pet food—in sealed containers, and discard moldy or out-of-date items.

Each week, mop the floor and wipe cabinets, backsplashes and appliances. Clean cabinets and countertops with detergent and water, and check for plumbing leaks. Wipe up moisture in the refrigerator to avoid mold growth.

Empty and clean drip pans and clean or contact maintenance to replace moldy rubber seals around doors. Wash the dish rack, and wipe the light switch plates and inside of the garbage can.

Seasonally, empty and scrub down the inside of the refrigerator and the utensil drawers. Scrub down the cupboard exteriors and clean the stove-hood filter.

Living Areas
Encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust-mite-proof covers. Wash sheets, pillowcases and blankets weekly in 130o F water. Remove, wash or cover comforters.

Clean carpeting weekly with a vacuum cleaner that has a small-particle or HEPA filter. Wash area rugs and floor mats, and mop hard surface flooring weekly. Use curtains made of cotton or synthetic fabric. Wash seasonally.

Clean mold and condensation from window frames and sills with a solution of chlorine bleach (3/4 cup chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of water). Always wear a protective mask when cleaning mold.

Remove anything that collects dust, such as knickknacks and books. Store toys, games and stuffed animals in plastic bins. Keep pets out of the bedroom. Bathing animals twice a month may reduce allergens.

Hot, humid houses are breeding grounds for dust mites and mold. Maintain temperature at 70o F and relative humidity at 30 to 50%.

Control cockroaches and mice with traps from the hardware store, or hire a professional exterminator. To prevent re-infestation, seal cracks or other entryways.

An exhaust fan can reduce moisture while taking baths or showers. Remove carpeting if possible and use wood or linoleum flooring. Use washable rugs.

Towel-dry the tub and enclosure after use. Scrub mold from tub and faucets. Clean or replace moldy shower curtains and bathmats.


Unit 6 Termite Treatment Postponed

March 20, 2015


TO: Residents of Verano Place Unit 6 (Apartments 6200 – 6528)


RE: Termite Treatment Postponed


Over the past several days, many of you have contacted me to express your concerns, detail your specific circumstances, ask questions and share your ideas. I have appreciated your candor and civility.   I am writing to inform you that the termite treatment will be postponed.  More information will be provided at a later date.





Beverly Chaney

Director, Verano Place Housing


Alone Together: Making Friends in Grad School

Contributed by: Nikki Sherman, Verano Place Housing Assistant


Grad school can be an isolating experience, but a couple good friends can make all the difference. Some might find it daunting to attempt to make friends as we navigate adulthood, but don’t let that stop you! Our campus, community, and city offer a wide variety of engaging events to meet people. There are multiple levels that you can use to jump into a new friendship. You don’t have to limit yourself to your immediate circle of co-workers or departmental colleagues! See below for a list of new ways to meet friends.

  • If you don’t want to go too far, consider coming out to Verano events! We hold many events for families, singles, and everything in between! Be sure to look for flyers and blog posts for upcoming events. While it might be nerve-wracking to go to events alone, you can almost guarantee there will be others like you there.


  • Meet your neighbors! Getting to know your neighbors is an especially great idea. Neighbors are great options for cat-sitting, borrowing resources, and keeping an eye on your place when you’re gone, but they can also make great friends! Remember that most people in Verano are going through very similar experiences as you. While they may be studying vastly different fields, they can be a great nearby friend to unwind with!



  • Consider joining community-wide and city-wide meet-up groups! These are groups specially designed around common interests and hobbies, and almost all are welcome to newcomers. Starting a new hobby or meet-up group means that you can find a great group of people with which you can do the things you love to do. Check out for examples!

Grad Division Decade Speaker Series- TODAY, 3/11/2015


The DECADE Speaker Series features distinguished speakers from across the country and invites the UCI community to participate in dialogue focused on campus climate and diversity.
Nicole Stephens, Associate Professor of Organizations and Management, Northwestern University
Wednesday, March 11th, 10:30 am-12pm, at the Graduate Resource Center, 3100 Gateway Study Center

  • The Benefits of a Cultural Match: The Case of Social Class and Higher Education

Community Alert

Earlier today, UCI officials received a viable threat of violence associated with the recent controversy over the display of national flags in the lobby of student government offices. The campus is taking this threat seriously. As a result, the administration canceled tonight’s meeting of the student-government Legislative Council. Student government leaders responsible for convening this meeting support this decision.

While the threat was not specific, the UCI Police Department has increased its security presence and is conducting an investigation. If you have information about this matter, please contact Investigations Lieutenant Joe Reiss at 949-824-2491.

The UCI Police Department is asking the community to report any suspicious activity immediately to the UCI Police Department at 949-824-5223.

In emergency situations or during crimes in progress, dial 9-1-1 from any phone or use an emergency phone available on campus. Emergency phone locations are shown on the campus map available at

Paul Henisey
Chief of Police
UCI Police Department