Interested in some practical tips to enhance your relationships in the Verano Community?

Contributed by: Taisha Lewis, Verano Housing Assistant

Verano Place houses approximately 1,221 students, and some of their families. Though all residents share an association with the UCI, there are also many differences among the individuals that call Verano Place home. Verano Place is affluent with a diversity of culture, languages, international students and families, and different educational, professional, and upbringing backgrounds. While maintaining healthy and beneficial relationships with neighbors can sometimes be challenging, living in Verano provides a special opportunity to expand your personal knowledge of the world around you, and also to sharpen your own interpersonal skills.Here are a few tips:

1. Know Your Neighbors by Name: Take the time to meet your neighbors when given the chance. If you don’t feel comfortable going to their door, introduce yourself the next time you see them out in the community. Inviting neighbors over for a meal or coffee is an excellent way to get to know them as well. Knowing your neighbors leads to a more friendly environment and can lead to a strong community support system. It also builds a trusting foundation so that if issues arise they can be hadnled positively and effectively.
2. Always Smile and Say Hi in Passing:; Sometimes neighbors tend to stay more to themselves. In this case it is especially important to take the time to simply say hello and smile. Of course being cordial to all people is important. A smile goes a long way!
3. Be Sensitive to Different Cultures and Value Systems: Be sensitive to the various beliefs that others may have. Taking time to educate oneself on the cultures in the surrounding community will lead to more satisfying relationships.
4. Follow Verano Policies Regarding Noise, Smoking, Dogs on Leashes, etc.: Policies are in place for a reason. They exist to maintain consistency and comfort for all residnets within the Verano Community. Please follow these rules to beneift your neighbors and yourself.
5. Always Attempt to Handle Discrepencies on a Personal Level: If a neighbor is creating some type of disturbance to your life, for example playing music loudly at night, always assume that they are not aware of the negative way that is impacting you. Approaching the neighbor and explaining how it is affecting you in a polite and inoffensive demeanor will give your neighbor and yourself the ability to listen to one another, understand the problem, and come up with a solution together.

Verano Place is a wondeful community! Enjoy the diversity that it can provide, be open with the different aspects that you have to offer, and have successful relationships and friendships with your neighbors!

Welcome Day A Lot of Fun!

Last Saturday more than 400 people came out to enjoy the Welcome Day BBQ. Thank you to our 12 community volunteers who did everything from making cotton candy, to supervising the bounce house, to serving more that 450 Burgers and Veggie Burgers. Thank you to Ed Hamada from Albertsons who partnered with us on this event! Thank you to AGS for providing tasty adult beverages and to the HA’s and VRC members who worked tirelessly to insure a fantastic welcome to the community! For photo highlights from the event visit the Verano Facebook page! THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME OUT TO BUILD COMMUNITY!

2014-15 VRC and HA's with Associate Director of Apt Life Jennifer Nelson Martinez and Manager of Community Programming Betsy Franklin

2014-15 VRC and HA’s with Associate Director of Apt Life, Jennifer Nelson Martinez and Manager of Community Programming, Betsy Franklin


Maintenance Monday: Smoke Detectors

Is your fire alarm chirping or beeping at you? If so, it is alerting you that the battery is low or dead- your battery needs to be changed! You can do this yourself or we can send someone out to change the battery. Do NOT remove or disable your smoke detectors. Working smoke detectors reduce the risk of dying in a home/apartment fire in half. Removing or disabling a smoke detector in your apartment puts you and your neighbors at risk and it is against the law. They are the single most important means of preventing house and apartment fire fatalities by providing an early warning signal. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Verano Housing office immediately (824-5964) or the Housing Assistant after-hours, 949-294-1812.

If you would like to replace the batteries yourself, follow this link for detailed instructions: 




Upcoming VRC Meeting! October 27 from 6 pm – 7 pm

Please join us Monday, October 27 from 6 pm-7 pm at the Verano Commons for our Verano Community Meeting. Come with your concerns, comments, feedback and suggestions to share with your VRC members.

The Verano Residents’ Council (VRC) is elected to advocate for your needs, and to create programming/events that benefit the entire Verano community. We are working hard to provide opportunities for all community members to get their voice heard and connect with the greater community!

Additionally, the VRC has a Facebook group where you can get the most up to date information on events, meetings and issues. Please join at:


What Can The Graduate Resource Center Do For You?

Dedicated to supporting the academic and professional success of all UC Irvine graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, the Graduate Resource Center (GRC) has everything you need to succeed. The GRC offers workshops and programs designed to support professional development; writing support; courses in communication skills; preparation of grant and fellowship funding applications; wellness and work-life balance; mentoring and much more!
In addition:
• Support during the transitions of new graduate students and postdocs to the UC Irvine campus
• Individual and group study space
• Building connections to campus resources and with other graduate students
Stop by to explore the many resources they have to offer or feel free to contact them by calling 949-824-3849.
The Graduate Resource Center (GRC) is open:
• Monday through Thursday from 9AM – 7PM
• Fridays from 9AM – 5PM
The GRC is located on the third floor of the Gateway Study Center – in between the Langson Library and the Cross-Cultural Center, directly across from Aldrich Hall. The main entrance is located at the rear of the building (facing Aldrich Park).

GRC Calendar of Events :