Welcome to The Verano Place, a site dedicated to providing Verano residents with information, news, and updates all in one location to create a community that is informed, engaged, and connected.

Verano Place is home to multiple types of residents from the US and around the world: the majority are single graduate students who will share apartments, but Verano also welcomes graduate and undergraduate students with families – spouse/domestic partner and/or children. Residents remain in Verano Place, most in their original apartment, for an average of four years. Though we are diverse in many respects, we share a sense of community and commitment to scholarly pursuits.


The mission of Verano Place is to provide comfortable, convenient and affordable housing within a living-learning environment that is supportive of the educational goals of students as well as the balance of their personal life.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact us directly at 949-824-5964 or at VeranoPlace@housing.uci.edu.