Standard Assignment of Single Students

Approximately 60% of Verano apartments are designated for single students. Each apartment is assigned to either two/three males or two/three females.

An applicant on the waitlist is given the opportunity to move into Verano when one roommate gives notice that he/she is moving. The assignments coordinator calls the person on top of the waitlist and forwards the name and phone number of the remaining roommate.

The applicant is given two days to contact the remaining roommate and interview him/her.  The resident roommate is also given an apartment-mate agreement for both of them to discuss. If either student is concerned about the placement, he/she should call 824-7118.

Per the Verano contract, the Assignments staff may assign a student to an apartment without the approval of the existing roommate. The contract states:

“The UNIVERSITY, at its sole discretion, may assign other students to a single student apartment, and may assign or re-assign any students to any apartment. The University specifically reserves the right to require resident to move to another apartment at its sole discretion. Such reassignment may be on a temporary or permanent basis.”

Current Single Resident

When your apartment-mate signs a vacate notice with the Verano Housing Office, the next student at the top of the waitlist is contacted by the Singles Assignment Coordinator.  When a person expresses interest, he/she is given two days to contact you.  Listed below are your responsibilities during this transition time:

Responding to the referral

It is important to us to try and refer a reasonably compatible roommate for you. Your response and involvement will assist in this process:

  • Respond immediately to e-mails/phone calls when a prospective apartment-mate contacts you.
  • Respond in a courteous & friendly manner when a prospective apartment-mate contacts you.

ŸYou are given one opportunity to decline a potential apartment-mate.  Should you decline one potential apartment-mate, only one more will be referred to you. ŸIt is important that you contact the Assignments Coordinator at the Verano Housing Office (949-824-7118) immediately if there are any concerns that you have about residing with the prospective apartment-mate.

Once the incoming resident accepts the offer, the two of you are responsible for discussing, completing and signing the Verano Place Apartment-mate Agreement.  The incoming resident will return the agreement when he/she picks up the keys.

If you are going to be out of town during this transition time, you need to call the Assignments Coordinator at 824-7118. You will need to leave a phone number or e-mail address where you can be contacted.

Maintaining the Apartment

It is important that the common areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom, patio/ balcony) of your apartment be maintained in a clean and presentable manner. Once your roommate leaves, our staff will come into your apartment to paint, clean and fix any maintenance issues. Sometimes, the new roommate might not move in for a week or longer, therefore it is your responsibility to keep the apartment clean until the new person moves in.

To prevent future conflict with a new roommate and to establish good communication, it is a good idea to discuss some important issues before problems arise. The following topics seem to be the most crucial areas. Discussing and reaching an agreement on these issues will help ease the possibility of misunderstandings in the future.

Both the prospective student and the continuing single student are given contracts that outline the issues below. Each person is expected to communicate honestly and specifically about each of the following areas:

1.  Study time in the apartment. When will it be? Will the stereo or television be on or off?

2.  Guests/Visitors. When can there be guests? How long can they stay? How often can they visit? (Note: Verano Place allows guests to stay up to 7 consecutive nights. However, the dates/times need to be discussed with each other).

3.  Use of personal property. What property, if any, can be shared?

4.  Telephone. Are you going to share a land line phone? If so, how will the bill be paid?  Where should messages be posted?

5.  Cleaning the apartment. How often will the apartment be cleaned? Who will do which chores? What needs to be cleaned? What are the standards of cleanliness?

If Conflicts Arise

If conflicts arise, please contact the Associate Director of Residence Life at 824-7976 to assist you.