Eligibility to reside in Verano Housing extends to the following:

  • Full-time regularly enrolled UCI graduate student (enrolled in 12 units)
  • Full time Medical or Law Student
  • Full-time regularly enrolled UCI Veteran, Reservist (Includes National Guard), or Active Duty Service Member (does not include ROTC)
  • Undergraduate (minimum of 12 units, excluding units taken through University Extension) who:
    •  is legally married or in domestic partnership and occupies the premises with his/her spouse or domestic partner on a full-time basis,
    •  has minor dependents for whom he/she has legal custody and who resides with him/her on a full-time basis, or
    •  is 25 years or older

Contract holders must be registered and enrolled as full-time students.  Enrolling in 12 units is not sufficient in itself to qualify for eligibility—the contract holder must also pay the student fees. Each student who is not enrolled with at least 12 units will be notified that the eligibility requirements are not met.

Eligibility of the contract holder is verified several times per quarter. As a courtesy and reminder, a pre-eligibility check is done three weeks prior to each quarter (the Monday following fee payment deadline). It is up to the contract holder to inform the Verano Housing Office if they will not be enrolled for the upcoming quarter.  Failure to notify the Housing Office could result in termination of the resident’s housing contract.

 Eligibility for Summer Residency

In order to remain in Verano during the summer months, contract holders must:

  • Be enrolled in UCI summer school, or
  • Be enrolled for fall quarter, or submit Filing Fee receipt, or inform the Verano Housing Office that you want to vacate