Move-In Procedures

This information applies to all incoming residents. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures. Failure to follow the steps below may delay your move-in or result in unexpected expenses or inaccurate billing to your student account. Keep in mind that June through September is our busiest time of the year, so remember to plan ahead and contact your Assignments staff with any questions or concerns.

Completing the Move-In Paperwork

The Lease Agreement, Occupancy Form, and Terms and Conditions will be e-mailed to you. Married couples and domestic partners will also be required to return the notarized Affidavit and the Addendum. Please be sure that you have provided your current e-mail address and make the assignments staff aware of any changes.

Please read the terms of the lease and the move-in packet carefully.

The lease is made up of one page. Please have your spouse/domestic partner complete the “Spouse/Domestic Partner” portion of the lease and remember to list any dependents that will be residing with you.  Do not sign the contract by typing your name as a computer-generated signature.  You must physically sign the contract.

Please refer to the checklist regarding the required documentation if you are bringing car(s) or pet(s).

Please e-mail all required documents to by the required deadline. The original, notarized Affidavit must be submitted to the Verano Place Housing Office. Your payment verification form, rent and deposit must be received prior to taking possession of the unit. (Suggested method: Priority mail via USPS offers flat rates.)

The Verano Place office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM.
Move-in dates other than what is stated in the offer letter and on your lease document
must be approved in advance and in writing by the assignments staff.

If you have not paid your rent in advance, late arrivals or missed appointments may be subject to rescheduling.

Should you find yourself running late and do not think you will make your scheduled
appointment, please call our front desk at (949) 824-5964.

If you will be out of the country or unable to pick up your key(s) for any reason, you may
authorize your assigned roommate, a family member or friend to pick up the key(s) for
you during our regular business hours only if the following conditions have been met:

1) the rent and security deposit have been paid,
2) your signed lease and move-in packet have been received by our office AND
3) you have provided a signed and dated written authorization with the full name of
the person coming to pick up the keys (photo ID will be required), their
relationship to you and the date we should expect them.

Due to issues of liability as well as privacy and security concerns, incoming residents
with special circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis and are subject to


This brief list of reminders may help you be better prepared and allow your move-in day to go smoothly, even in the event of unexpected challenges or obstacles.

  • Have I sent in all required payments/paperwork to their respective locations?
  • Do I know what day my move-in appointment is?
  • Do I know how to get to the UCI campus/Verano Place Housing?
  • Are my important documents readily accessible? (Government issued photo ID, passport, current car registration, birth certificate(s) for child(ren), etc.)
  • Do I have a back-up plan in case I am unable to move-in as scheduled?

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