If you are planning to leave the area for an extended period of time, you have the option (with the approval of the Verano Housing Office) of subleasing your apartment.

It is expected that when you sublease, you are requiring the sublease to sleep in your bedroom, not your living room. In other words you cannot sublease your living room as a sleeping space.

When subleasing, you are financially responsible for the apartment, including rent payment and any damage done to the apartment. Although you may not charge more than the rent assigned to the apartment, you may secure a refundable damage deposit.

General Information About Sublets

  • All sublease agreements must be reviewed and approved through the Verano Place Housing Office. Subletting without the approval of the Verano Place Housing Office is a violation of the lease and could jeopardize a student’s tenancy in Verano Place. Unauthorized subtenants, if locked out, will not be given keys or access to any apartment or non-public facility.
  • During the Academic Year (Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters – Generally October – mid-May) approval from the Exceptions Committee is required prior to submission and approval of the Application for Approval to Sublet Form. Only a completed, approved Application for Approval to Sublet Form is required for summer quarter. Exceptions Petitioner Profile
  • Your Housing Account must be current for subleasing to be considered.
  • It will take approximately 5 business days from submission of the Application for Approval to Sublet Form for review and processing to be completed. Any person subleasing prior to approval being granted will be considered an unauthorized subtenant.
  • The contractual agreement between the student and the University remains in force. In approving a request to sublease, the University is only granting permission to the contact holder to sublease; however, the sublease agreement itself is between the Contract Holder and the subtenant.

Completing the Application for Approval to Sublet Form

Completed form must include: Limitations/Additional requirements
Name and contact information for the Contract Holder and the subtenant(s). A single student assigned to a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment may only sublet to one person.
The beginning and end dates for the sublease agreement. The sublease period cannot extend beyond the term of the Contract Holder’s lease.
The rent being charged to the subtenant. A Contract Holder may not charge a subtenant more than he/she pays in rent to the University. If the Contract Holder subleases to more than one person, the combined rent charged cannot exceed the amount he/she pays to the University in rent.
Signature(s) of subtenant(s), all Contract Holders, and if applicable, any other person 18 years of age or older (e.g., spouse/partner or child of the Contract Holder) residing in the apartment. Single students assigned to a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment: All apartment-mates must sign the Application for Approval to Sublet Form. If a new apartment-mate will be moving in during the sublet period, then they too must sign the form prior to submission and approval.
Required:  Photo Identification of all persons 18 years of age or older residing in the apartment must be presented.


To Advertise Your Sublease You Have Several Options

  • Contact the Verano Housing Office. Please come into the office to fill out the form or email to place an announcement in the sublease binder.
  • Go to to place an advertisement. If a subtenant is found it is the lease holder’s responsibility to contact Housing Administrative Services at or 949-824-6811 to have the sublet listing removed.

The Risks of Subleasing

  • The sublet agreement is between the Contract Holder and the subtenant.
  • In the event a dispute arises between the parties, the University may offer mediation services, but accepts no responsibility for the agreement or resolving the dispute.
  • The University cannot assist and is not responsible for any claims, actions, losses, liabilities, costs, expenses (including attorneys’ fees and court costs), damages and injuries, whether to person or property of any nature whatsoever arising out of or related to subleasing.
  • The University cannot assist the Contract Holder in collecting unpaid rent, fines, fees or recovering funds from subtenant who may have damaged and/or stolen either personal or University property.
  • Verano Place Housing policies can be found on our site. Subtenants are expected to abide by these policies. Policy infractions and/or conduct issues may result in approval of the sublease agreement being rescinded.


  • To ensure that all contract holding apartment-mates are aware of and in agreement with the sublease arrangements, apartment-mates must sign the Application for Approval to Sublet Form prior to submission.
  • Continuing and incoming students are provided with the contact information for their prospective apartment-mate when an offer is extended to the incoming student. If a sublease agreement is in effect at the time the offer is made, the contract holder has the responsibility of informing the incoming student about the sublease. If the incoming student accepts the placement, they need to inform the Verano Housing Office that they agree to both the contract holder and the terms of the current sublease agreement. If no sublease agreement is in effect at the time of the offer, then the incoming student needs to sign the sublease agreement.


  • The Contract Holder is ultimately responsible to the University for all obligations under the Lease/Rental Agreement including payment of rent and/or for damage occurring during the period of the sublet agreement.


  • With the Contract Holder’s authorization, Verano Place will:
    • Issue keys to the subtenant only if the Contract Holder has not picked up keys for their initial move-in.
    • Accept keys from the subtenant only if the Contract Holder subtenant is returning them at the end of Contract Holder’s lease.
  • Otherwise, arrangements for transferring keys between the Contract Holder and the subtenant are solely the responsibility of the Contract Holder. Be certain that the necessary arrangements have been made and are clear to both parties.

 Other Accommodations


  • Individuals should be aware of parking rules and guidelines when entering into a sublease. These can be found at
  • Resident parking permissions may only be used for vehicles that are registered to a Contract Holder, a person listed on the Contract Holder’s rental agreement, or an approved subtenant. Contract Holders who are approved to sublease may transfer their resident parking permission(s) to their subtenant by submitting current registration for the vehicle along with the Application for Approval to Sublet Form, and upon approval replacing the license plate number for their vehicle(s) with the subtenant’s license plate number(s). Only if the Contract Holder does not already have a resident parking permission may one be issued for the period of the sublease.

Internet Access

  • If you are currently in a family apartment, you can log on at to complete the sponsorship form.
  • Single residents should go to the ResNet website’s Device Registration page at to register all devices for their subtenant.  If you are trying to register the MAC addresses of your consumer electronic devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, Apple TVs, Rokus, Chromecasts, wireless printers, or Amazon Echos & Dots, please consult the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of smart devices on the market (and the ever-changing layouts of the device menus due to software updates), the OIT Help Desk cannot assist you with finding the IP & MAC addresses.

Sublease Form and Information