Switching Between Rooms

Assignments in single student apartments throughout Verano Place are bedroom specific. If your roommate moves out and you want to switch your bedroom to the empty bedroom, you need to follow these procedures:

  • Within seven days of receiving the letter regarding your roommate moving out, you need to notify the Verano Place Housing Office that you want to change bedrooms.  You will be asked to identify the bedroom you will be moving into. You will need to complete paperwork with the Verano Place Housing Office prior to your roommate moving out.
  • Residents wishing to switch between apartments, or between bedrooms within apartments need to have an active Graduate Housing Application. You can complete the application at: https://login.uci.edu/ucinetid/webauth?return_url=https://my.housing.uci.edu/gateway/Default.aspx. It is helpful if you complete the application prior to coming into the Verano Housing Office to discuss a room transfer.
  • By 8am of the day following your roommate’s check-out date you will have needed to:
  1. Move all of your belongings from your bedroom into the vacated bedroom. (This needs to be completed as soon as your roommate moves out and prior to the room being scheduled to be cleaned and painted.)
  2. Come into the Verano Place Housing Office the day your roommate moved out to obtain keys for your new bedroom and return keys from your previous room. You will need to sign for your new bedroom keys and return your previous bedroom keys.
  • When you switch rooms you agree to move into the bedroom “as is”.  No preparation (cleaning /painting /maintenance) will be done. As such you will be responsible for damage/cleaning charges, if any, in your original bedroom . When you eventually vacate, you will also be responsible for damage/cleaning charges for the bedroom you are moving into.

If you and your roommate would like to switch rooms while the entire apartment remains occupied, please come into the Verano Place Housing Office to discuss the process.