Moving Out/Vacating Process

Move-out procedures are very important. When you decide to move from Verano Place, you must inform the Verano Place Housing Office that you intend to vacate by coming in to the Verano Housing Office to submit vacate paperwork.

Lease Ending June 30

If you are leaving on June 30, you are required to submit close-out paperwork. Please contact the Office to obtain the forms. All residents reaching the end of their lease in June are expected to vacate their apartment by June 30.

If you wish to vacate prior to June 30, you must submit a request to break your lease to the Verano Housing Office.

  • You may be granted a release from the lease agreement in the event of mid-academic year graduation, withdrawal from the University, academic suspension or academic dismissal.
  • You need to submit a letter requesting release from the lease agreement along with appropriate documentation from the University that verifies the situations in the bullet above.
  • Requests for release from the lease agreement for reasons other than those mentioned above are subject to administrative review, are rarely approved and will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • For more specific information, please see your lease or contact the Verano Place Housing Office.

After you have submitted your notice or request, you will receive information that will include the following:

  • ¬†Cleaning instructions to prepare you for a check-out inspection: All damage and cleaning charges, if any, will be assessed on the basis of this inspection. If you are a single student, both you and your apartment-mate will be held equally responsible for all of the charges.
  • Date and time for your check-out inspection: The inspection will be scheduled on the first working day after the move-out date indicated. You do not need to be present for this inspection, but at this time all of your possessions must be removed from the apartment, and the unit must be cleaned according to cleaning instructions. By law, items left behind must be stored by Verano Place for a specific period of time. If you leave unwanted items in an apartment, you will be charged storage fees.
  • Notice to return your keys: Failure to return all of the keys you have borrowed or purchased will result in a charge to you.
  • Your parking privileges will be removed on the last day of your lease.