In order to keep you informed of events, policy changes, and Verano living, we have several ways to communicate with you.  We keep you informed about policy changes, events and other miscellaneous updates by sending you an e-mail or posting the information on the Verano Place Blog, the Verano Facebook pages, on bulletin boards, and on your door clip.  Communication is a two-way street.  We encourage you to call or visit our office with your ideas and suggestions.

Bulletin Boards: Located in laundry rooms and throughout Verano, you’ll find information posted on community activities, safety issues, and other community concerns.

Door Clips: Each apartment has a clip beside the front door.  Informational flyers and correspondence from the Verano Housing Office are periodically placed on the door clip.  If your door clip is missing, please contact the Verano Housing Office so we can replace it.

Verano Blog: Information regarding Verano living is the focus of this weekly blog.  An e-mail is sent to you every Friday to let you know that the Blog has been updated and is available for viewing. You will find the Blog to be full of articles relating to policies, projects, community events, and campus activities.

Classified Ads: Verano Classified Ads are free for Verano residents. Email the advertisement, with “GazetteAd” as the subject, to or you can bring your ad in to the Verano Housing Office. Please include your name, address, and phone number for the ad to be included in the classifieds section. The Verano Housing Office reserves the right to withhold any ad from publication or edit any ad for purposes of clarification, space constraints or policy considerations. All ads must be no more than 250 characters including spaces. Ads will be cut off at this point. “For Sale” ads may be placed by Verano residents only. Any individual can submit “lost and found” ads. Classified ads will be published every Friday. Lost and found announcements will be posted as they come in. To see recent listings of classified ads, click the classified ads category at the right. If at any time you would like to remove a post email and your post will be removed within one business day.

Verano Listservs: When you move into Verano, your e-mail address becomes part of 2 listservs. One listserv is “vpgazette” and is used to inform you about the posting of the Verano Gazette on the web and community activities.  The other listserv is “veranoplaceoffice”. This listserv is to inform you about maintenance issues that might arise. If you have not received e-mails from either of these listservs, contact

Web Resources: Information about Verano Place can be found on the following web page: This page offers information about Verano Place, including eligibility, facilities, floor plans, parking policies and a map. The site also includes a picture tour of the Verano Place community, a copy of the current rental contract, a list of rental rates and childcare options. Weekly Verano Gazettes can also be found on this page.

Contact a Verano Housing Administrator: Send any suggestions, community concerns or issues to the administrative staff:

Beverly Chaney

Associate Director, Operations
Jason Espinoza

Associate Director, Apartment Life
Jennifer Nelson Martinez