GFH Families

Families juggle lots of things… housework, schedules, day-to-day basics like “what to make for dinner” and “why is there always an extra sock in the laundry basket?” Then there are the meatier things like MONEY and RELATIONSHIP issues, PARENTING and did I mention MONEY?

Everyone deals with these things.

Our families (those of you who live here in Graduate and Family Housing) juggle even more.

If you are the student, you need to balance your academic work load with family responsibilities. If you’re the partner or spouse you might need to balance career obligations with family needs. If your job is to be the Family CEO (stay at home moms and dads…that’s you!), you also need to balance feelings of isolation with a work day that never ends.

We hope you find this addition to the Verano Place BLOG helpful. It’s our goal to provide easy access to information that will ease the path to degree for everyone in the family.

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