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The staff at the Verano Place Housing Office (VHO) strives for excellence and is committed to providing outstanding service for each resident. The Verano staff is available to answer questions and address issues. Residents are encouraged to come by the office or call whenever assistance is needed.

The Verano Place Housing Office staff provides various types of services for the residents of the Verano Place community. You can contact the Housing Office Staff

  • by phone at: 824-5964
  • by email at:
  • in person:  Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (we are closed on holidays)

Services are listed below:

General Assistance

  • Apartment keys/lock outs
  • Laundry machines – when they are out of order
  • Parking permits
  • Pest control
  • Problems with cats, and other household pets
  • Recreation Center reservations
  • Routine/emergency maintenance requests

 Residence/Eligibility Assistance

    • Apartment keys
    • Contracts
    • Eligibility
    • Eligibility exception requests
    • Move in/move out assistance
    • Roommate information
    • Waitlist information

Apartment Life Assistance

  • Community resources
  • Educational and recreational programs
  • Neighbor/roommate issues
  • Personal/family/school issues
  • For housing account information, rent payment questions and deferments contact a Student Housing Accounts Counselor at 949-824-3333 or


Custodial Staff are responsible for cleaning vacated apartments and assuring cleanliness of laundry rooms and outside areas. We need your help in maintaining a decent, clean and safe environment. You can do your part by not littering and also contacting us if you see an area that needs attention.

Maintenance Staff are dedicated to keeping the buildings in the Verano community safe and functional. During office hours Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., maintenance problems can be reported to the Verano Housing Office in person or over the phone at 824-5964. Reporting minor problems before they become major ones costs less in time and labor. For best service, please report all items that need attention first thing in the morning so they can be handled as soon as possible.

Unless it is an emergency, maintenance work is performed Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Maintenance staff announces their arrival by knocking or ringing the doorbell several times.  If there  is no answer, they will enter the apartment, announce “maintenance” and proceed to do the necessary work.

Work Orders:If you have a maintenance issue in your apartment, a Community Facility, or the Verano grounds, complete an online work order or visit the Verano Place Housing Office. Staff will help you as soon as possible. Complete the work order at

Reporting Routine Maintenance After Hours: If you have a routine maintenance concern after hours you can complete an online work order or leave a message on our After Hours Maintenance Voicemail at 949-824-5965 and staff will address your issue in the morning.

Only emergency maintenance requests are handled during non-office hours.  If you have an After Hours Maintenance Emergency/Urgent need call 949-294-1812 and a Housing Assistant will address your concern immediately. Emergency maintenance situations are outlined on the next page.


For emergencies (such as medical or fire) and lock-outs after 11 p.m., call the UCI Police Department at 824-5223

Verano Housing Assistants:  949-294-1812
Verano Housing Assistants are an extension of the Verano Housing Office when the office is closed.  A rotating  team of two Housing Assistants is available to provide non-office hours service to residents on Monday through Friday after 5 p.m., and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.  When the Verano Housing Office is closed, they assist  with emergency maintenance situations, provide access to recreation centers, provide lockout aid (until 11pm);  address community needs, such as noise problems, roommate/ neighbor/ domestic disputes, and provide information and referrals when needed.  They are an integral part of the disaster team and are trained to help the community in case of a major disaster, such as earthquake or fire.

 Our 2015/16 Housing Assistants are:

  • Shiloh Aispuro
  • Donna Chen
  • Emily Knutson
  • Jaclyn McVay
  • Sara Sameni

Common Maintenance Issues and How To Videos:

Unclog Toilet

Unclog Bathroom, Shower, and Kitchen Drains:

Relighting Pilot:

Emergency Maintenance Situations

The items on this list are considered emergency/critical maintenance situations and will be responded to day or night.  CALL 824-5964 immediately (office hours) and 294-1812 (after hours). 


  • Waste water coming up in the bathtub, toilet or outside of building from pipe in the ground.
  • ŸSink or bathtub that is backed-up and water is actively rising.
  • ŸNo hot water
  • ŸWater heater leaking into the apartment
  • ŸBroken water pipe with water gushing from it or water gushing out of the ground
  • ŸBroken fire sprinkler head that is causing damage in the apartment
  • ŸWater coming up through the floor
  • ŸCeiling leak that won’t stop
  • ŸSmell of gas
  • ŸNo water pressure in apartment
  • ŸToilet tank running profusely and will not stop
  • ŸSink or tub faucet that is running at full force and will not shut off or slow down
  • ŸLaundry room flooded
  • ŸStorm drain or gutter is backed up and is leaking into apartment or prevents you from getting to your car
  • ŸSprinklers are running for more than 1/2 hour


  • ŸShort in electrical receptacle or wall switch
  • ŸSparks or smoke coming out of electric range
  • ŸPower outage
  • ŸSections of exterior lighting goes out
  • ŸThere isn’t a fire, but the fire alarm or smoke detector is making noise


  • ŸBroken windows
  • ŸBroken locks
  • ŸLocked-out


  • ŸRefrigerator stops working
  • ŸFire access road poles, chains or gate open

If you have concerns that are not on this list, please leave a message on the After Hours Non-Emergency Maintenance Line. If you feel it may be a critical issue, please feel free to call to and confirm whether or not  it is an emergency.


In order to keep you informed of events, policy changes, and Verano living, we have several ways to communicate with you.  We keep you informed about policy changes, events and other miscellaneous updates by sending you an e-mail or posting the information on the Verano Place Blog, the Verano Facebook pages, on bulletin boards, and on your door clip.  Communication is a two-way street.  We encourage you to call or visit our office with your ideas and suggestions.

Bulletin Boards: Located in laundry rooms and throughout Verano, you’ll find information posted on community activities, safety issues, and other community concerns.

Door Clips: Each apartment has a clip beside the front door.  Informational flyers and correspondence from the Verano Housing Office are periodically placed on the door clip.  If your door clip is missing, please contact the Verano Housing Office so we can replace it.

Verano Blog: Information regarding Verano living is the focus of this weekly blog.  An e-mail is sent to you every Friday to let you know that the Blog has been updated and is available for viewing. You will find the Blog to be full of articles relating to policies, projects, community events, and campus activities. Classified ads are also an important component of the Blog and are very popular.  They are a terrific way to advertise items for sale and find items to purchase. Classified ads can be placed by sending an e-mail with “Gazette Ad” as the subject to: Include  your name, address, day time and evening phone numbers.

Verano Listservs: When you move into Verano, your e-mail address becomes part of 2 listservs. One listserv is “vpgazette” and is used to inform you about the posting of the Verano Gazette on the web and community activities.  The other listserv is “veranoplaceoffice”. This listserv is to inform you about maintenance issues that might arise.  If you have not received e-mails from either of these listservs, contact

Web Resources: Information about Verano Place can be found on the following web page: This page offers information about Verano Place, including eligibility, facilities, floor plans, parking policies and a map. The site also includes a picture tour of the Verano Place community, a copy of the current rental contract, a list of rental rates and childcare options. Weekly Verano Gazettes can also be found on this page.

Contact a Verano Housing Administrator: Send any suggestions, community concerns or issues to the administrative staff:

Beverly Chaney

Associate Director, Operations
Jason Espinoza

Associate Director, Apartment Life
Jennifer Nelson Martinez


Appliances: All apartments include a stove, refrigerator, carpeting, blinds and smoke detectors. Written permission from the Verano Place Office must be obtained before major appliances (such as air conditioners, pianos, organs, or water-filled furnishings), are moved into the apartment.  Dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, burglar alarms and 2nd refrigerators are not allowed.  Please contact the Verano Housing Office at 824-5964 for more information. Personal Washing machines, dishwashers, additional refrigerators are not allowed!

Cable Services/ Ethernet: Each apartment is wired for cable service, which includes 61 channels.  Extra services, such as HBO, need to be purchased separately. Each apartment is wired for Ethernet.  There is a direct line to the campus network in both bedrooms and in the living room.

Community Barbecues and Picnic Tables: Located by the Old Rec Center at 3300 Verano Rd, behind the Verano Housing Office and in the Unit 7 Courtyards, gas BBQ’s and picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you use these amenities, please clean up after yourself and dispose of any garbage in the nearest dumpster.

Laundry Rooms: Several laundry facilities with washers and dryers are located throughout the Verano community. Front door keys open all laundry rooms in Verano. If you still have a WASH laundry card with a balance on it, you may mail the card to WEB services for a full refund. An envelope for mailing refunds can be picked up from the front desk at the Verano Place Housing office.

Recycling Bins: There are numerous recycling sites located throughout Verano. Items to be recycled, such as newspapers, glass, cans, plastics or corrugated cardboard can be placed in the bins. UCI Facilities Management staff empty the bins on a weekly basis.   White bond paper may be recycled in the Cyber Cafe or at several other locations on campus.  For campus locations, the Facilities Management Department webpage:

Play Areas: Playgrounds for children are located throughout the community. In addition, there are several large grassy areas ideal for outdoor play. A half-size basketball court is located outside the Commons Community Center.

Parking: Verano Place uses an electronic parking permit system for enforcement of resident and visitor parking. At move-in each contract holder is given an individual on-line account with Transportation and Distribution Services (T&DS) in order to manage their resident and visitor parking permits. Initial activation of the account is required in order to obtain and use either resident or visitor permits. Go to the following site to log-in to your account:

Resident Permits:

  • Parking permission will be given only to vehicles that are registered to you or a person listed on your rental agreement, or an approved sublease. (In case of a sublease, you would have to already have a parking permission and you would have to replace your license plate number with the number of the license plate for the sublease—you are not allotted more spaces). If you do not already have a parking permission, you will NOT be given one for a sublease. If you have been given long term use of a vehicle that is not registered to you or someone on your rental agreement, the owner may add your name to the registration by following the DMV procedures for the state in which the vehicle is registered.
  • A maximum of two vehicles per resident account will be given to a contract holder in a family-designated apartment. For single student apartments, a maximum of one vehicle will be allowed per account. Motorcycles do not need to be registered; however they must park in the area designated for motorcycles.
  • To activate your on-line T&DS account, an email will be sent to the email address on file with a link to the system. In order to activate the account you must accept the terms and conditions, enter the license plate number and verify all required information. You also need to submit a copy of the DMV registration for each vehicle listed on the account to the Verano Place Housing Office. Verano Housing will contact residents for additional information if necessary.
  • If you change vehicles, immediately update the information in your parking account. If it is a permanent/long-term vehicle change, a copy of the DMV registration for that vehicle must be provided to the Verano Place Office within 4 weeks or the account will be deactivated.  If submission of DMV documentation will take longer than 4 weeks, immediately contact the Verano Place Housing Office to make arrangements.

Visitor Permits:

  • Verano Residents are allotted 432 hours of visitor parking permissions each quarter. At the end of each quarter you lose any hours you have remaining and 432 hours are added to your account. The new hours are added on the following dates: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.
  • Visitor parking is valid ONLY in spaces marked “VISITOR”. Visitor spots can be found in Verano parking lots 20, 23, 23, 31, 34, and along the one way street Verano Road.
  • To give your visitor parking permission, log into your parking account at and add the license plate number of the visitor’s vehicle number for the date(s) and hour(s) required.
  • Permits may be assigned in advance, but may only be changed before the assigned date is reached.


Community Rooms: If you are planning a special event, meeting, or function, you can reserve one of three Verano recreation rooms.  Two of the three facilities have kitchens, tables, and chairs for your use.  These two locations are:

  • Old Recreation Center: 3300 Verano Place
  • Verano Commons: 6529 Adobe Circle

The additional recreation room can be used for smaller gatherings and does not have a kitchen. This location is:

  • Verano Lounge: 67111 Adobe Circle

For more information, call the Verano Housing Office at 824-5964.


VRC: The Verano Resident’s Council is elected and funded to provide services, goods, and advocacy to benefit the Verano community. VRC meetings are held at least once a month, but a schedule for 2015/2016 will be sent to the community when available. Contact the VRC at or email The Verano Residents Council has a new mailing list to communicate directly with the Verano Community. To stay informed about VRC events and receive updates about projects the VRC is working on, please sign up for the listserv. You can sign up by following the link below and entering your email address. The listserv is open to all Verano clients, including students, partners and spouses and other family members living in Verano.

To sign up for their listserv go to:

Visit us on Facebook at

 Your 2016/17 Verano Residents Council Members are:

        • Stephanie Pulles
        • Derek McVay
        • Kristin Roher

Verano Community Organic Garden: The Verano Garden is an organic garden that exists to provide an opportunity for Verano Place residents to garden a communal setting. It is a place to work the earth alongside fellow residents you might not otherwise meet, and to share gardening knowledge. It is also an opportunity to increase sustainability by growing food locally, and recycle garden green waste and community kitchen waste. Eligibility is limited to Verano Place residents, with only one plot per housing contract. Plots are assigned by the Verano Garden Council. A $60  refundable security deposit is required to accept a plot offer.  For more information, or to get on the waiting list visit:

Information for Parents: Verano Housing offers 2 school age childcare programs as well as a weekly playgroup. For information on other childcare options please see the Campus Resources and Community Resources pages.

After-School Program: This program offers a safe and stimulating environment for children in grades k – 6th. Verano residents receive a reduced rate. Regular activities include quiet time for homework, arts, crafts, sports, and healthy snacks.  The program is open from mid-September through mid-June, Monday – Friday, 2 – 5:30 p.m. and meets in the Old Recreation Center. Registration is required and enrollment is limited. For more information, contact:  949-824-5383. (LIC 304270323)

Playgroup:  Parents/ Caregivers and their children aged birth to five years old are invited to participate in our free weekly playgroup.  The Playgroup meets at the Cyber Cafe Playground in Lower Verano.  A playgroup coordinator initiates conversation and activities with the expectation that parents/caregivers will get involved and join in the fun. There is no charge or registration, just a desire to meet other parents in Verano and have a positive experience with your child. This is not a drop off program.

Verano Summer Program: This fun summer program for children ages five through twelve years old is offered from the end of June through the end of August. Program Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Activities include fieldtrips, sports, arts and crafts, and swimming lessons (limited dates).  Registration is required and enrollment is limited. Contact 949-824-5383 for more information. (LIC 304270323)



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