2014 Trick-or-Treating

If you are planning on taking your child trick-or-treating in Verano tonight, please consider using the following map of Trick or Treat friendly homes. This map shows apartments who indicated that they would be giving out candy. Hard copies of this map will be available at both the Verano Housing Office and the Cyber café after 3pm today.

2014 Trick or Treat Map

Halloween Safety Tips

  • Be safe and Be seen. If your costume is a dark color, consider putting reflective tape on your costume.
  • Take a flashlight with you.
  • Check your candy before you eat it. Be sure it is not a choking hazard or allergy trigger for your child.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Use the pathways and sidewalks to get around- don’t run through parking lots.


The Verano Place Housing Staff wishes you a very Happy Halloween!



Thank You to everyone who registered to be a Trick or Treat friendly home tonight!


Trick Or Treat Friendly Homes

Thanks to everyone who registered their home for Halloween Trick or Treating! This map lists all of the homes who have indicated that they will be passing out Halloween Goodies tonight. Please remember to stop by the Cyber Cafe as well! The Cyber Cafe will be open until 8 pm tonight. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

VP Trick or Treat list

Trick or Treating in North Verano (Apartments  6200-6528) will occur from 5:30-6:30, and Trick or Treating in South Verano Place (Apartments 111-3224 and 66101-69414) will occur between 6:45-7:45.  2013 Trick Or Treat Friendly Homes

Playgroup News!


The Verano Playgroup will be hosting a

“Let’s Get Together” Play Day


Tuesday, October 8th from 10-11:30 at the Playground by the Cyber Café.

Come meet other Verano Families and learn about our exciting plans for

Playgroup this year.

**The Verano Playgroup is a free, informal drop in program for UCI families. Join other families with small children for time to visit and play. Toys and activities are provided by the Verano Housing Office.  Parents/ Caregivers are expected to stay and participate. For more information contact Betsy Franklin at enfrankl@uci.edu