Sep 04 2014

UCI Recommended Tools for Accessibility & Validation

Provided by Todd McGill, UC EALT Web Accessibility Representative, UCI & Robert Espero, EALT member


WAVE – free page-by-page scan. There’s also a Firefox extension.

SSB Bart AMP – The ‘official’ tool used by UC to conduct yearly site scans. There’s definitely a leaning curve with this one, so let me know if you need help using it.

Total Validator – I use this one all the time. Love it. Does accessibility, validation, and link checking. Free for page-by-page scans, $50 for the pro tool, which does site-wide scans. Well worth the money.

Color Contrast Checker



DSC Cheat Sheet for Screen Readers – New to screenreaders and want to know how to utilize them with browsers? Basic startup commands to get you started are available here:

JAWS (PC) (Job Access With Speech) – FREE 45-minute trial version (per day) available for testing.

NVDA (PC) (Non-Visual Desktop Access) -FREE screen reader for Windows.

Window-Eyes (PC) – Screen reading tool for Windows. Free download with any licensed Microsoft Office product.

VoiceOver (Apple OS)– Screen reader built into OS X.

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Jul 22 2014

Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Web Access

SSB Bart has composed a good, simple video to demonstrate the use of voice recognition (VR). View it at:


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Jul 08 2014

Web Headings for Screen Readers

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Great explanation video as to the importance of headings for screenreaders…


YouTube Preview Image

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Jun 24 2014

On-Screen Keyboard Demonstration

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Short video demonstration showing how to use the on-screen keyboard to input on websites.

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Jun 24 2014

Effective Color Contrast

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SSB Bart video explaining the importance of effective color contrast for users with visual disabilities.

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Jun 24 2014

Web Headings for Screen Readers

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Video demonstrating the importance of HEADINGS for screen readers.

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Jun 24 2014

Web Accessibility Video by SSB Bart

A great short video explaining the importance of web accessibility focusing on Visual Focus Indication…



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May 30 2014

Zot Portal

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Below is my hands-on Zot!Portal accessibility evaluation. It is a work in progress so I will document issues as I utilize adaptive technologies to interact with it’s pages.

  • Upon visiting the login page, a user who primarily uses a keyboard is not able to “tab-in” to the login and password fields within the “Login to ZotPortal” frame resulting in the inability to access UCI resources. (See

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Apr 25 2014

Why Web Accessibility? Video

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YouTube Preview Image

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Apr 02 2014

Housing 4-2-14

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Hi Markus

Thanks again for reaching out regarding the accessibility of your housing contracts. Keep in mind that it is important that both the contacts and the tool itself are accessible. I mention this because at our meeting we only discussed the accessibility of the digital contracts. The RFP for the tool should also have an accessibility requirement included.

When you are ready to do in-situ user testing with screen readers, Robert Espero (cc’d) can assist.

I looked in the AMP tool and I didn’t see specific user names for Mitch or Connie, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have access (because Shibboleth). The URL for Shibboleth’d AMP access is:

The way to grant access to your web scans in AMP is at the project level via the ‘Project Permissions’ link (see screen shot attached).

Here are some other tools I commonly use that you may find helpful:

W3C Validation Service –

WebAIM Color Contrast Checker: –


WAVE Accessibility Tool: –

– I point all our outside vendors/developers to this tool because they won’t have access to AMP

Total Validator Pro: –

– Great for site-wide validation scans

I’ll get that example contract markup to you ASAP. Feel free to ping me any time.


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