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Hummingbird Flapping Wing Spatial Six-Bar Mechanism

This spatial six-bar linkage provides a compact flapping wing mechanism for a hovering micro air vehicle that controls both swing and pitch movements. I helped synthesized this mechanism using Mathematica in collaboration with a PhD student at the UC Irvine

Planar Four-Bar Flapping Wing Mechanism

This is the manufacturing prototype for the flapping wing mechanism. The wing is 5cm in length to match the dimensions of a hummingbird. The mechanism contains two four-bar linkages: a planar four-bar that controls the swing of the wing and

Soil Conditioning Valve

I designed the Solidworks model based on the outputs of Mathematica and rendered this animation. This is an animation of a spatial RPR-2SS six-bar linkage for use on tunnel boring machines. This new device controls a valve that cleans and

Vehicle Test Data Processor for SAIC Volkswagen

During my internship at the whole Vehicle Test Department at SAIC Volkswagen, I revised a MATLAB-based GUI program for the engineers to process the data from the fatigue test. This new program provided enhanced analysis of the fatigue life of

Wireless Data Acquisition System for Dynamic Wheel Tests

In an internship at Prime Wheel Corp. this summer,  I conducted research on strain gauging theories, principle stress test and fatigue test theories to establish the basic requirements for a wireless data acquisition system.  My colleagues and I reached out

Test Result Tracker Project

In conjunction with another intern we created PrimeWheelTS. The purpose of PrimeWheelTS is to organize the projects of different clients all in one worksheet. This prevents information or documents from being lost and improves organization. We used Excel Macros and

Formula SAE Race Car Human Interface Project

I led the human interface team with four team members. We designed and manufactured the human interface parts including the steering linkage, harness mounts, and brake system. The design of the steering system was quite a challenge for me. I

Formula SAE Race Car Suspension Project

Analyzed SolidWorks 2D sketches for multiple suspension design candidates. Built 3D models for control arms to perform finite element analysis simulations (FEA) to predict stress-loading characteristics prior to manufacture. Designed sensor mounting systems for the data acquisition system for both

Design Project for School Courses

  Car Seat Deployment Mechanism Robot Competition   Crutch Walking Assistance Mechanism   RC Boat to Submarine Conversion Project Leg Crutch Thumb Linkage