Duty Roster

Roles 7/3/2018
Toastmaster Brian Belleville
Scheduled Speaker #1 Gaby Xiong
Scheduled Speaker #2 Emily Xue
Scheduled Speaker #3
Evaluator #1 Adrian Haymond
Evaluator #2 Ana Hallett
Evaluator #3
Table Topics Master Kevin Bossenmeyer
General Evaluator Sevag Shirinian
Greeter/Vote Counter Karla Hill
Timer Andrea Bao
Grammarian/Ah Counter Bob Hudack
Inspiration Alicia Hays
Hot Seat
Roles 7/10/2018 7/17/2018
Toastmaster Anna Lam Emily Xue
Scheduled Speaker #1 Karla Hill Ana Hallett
Scheduled Speaker #2 Sevag Shirinian Andrea Bao
Scheduled Speaker #3
Evaluator #1 Emily Xue Andrew Hill
Evaluator #2 Bob Hudack Anna Lam
Evaluator #3
Table Topics Master Adrian Haymond Gaby Xiong
General Evaluator Andrea Bao Bob Hudack
Greeter/Vote Counter Brian Belleville Sevag Shirinian
Timer Gaby Xiong Karla Hill
Grammarian/Ah Counter Alicia Hays Adrian Haymond
Inspiration Andrew Hill Brian Belleville
Hot Seat Ana Hallett
Roles 7/24/2018 7/31/18
Toastmaster Bob Hudack Andrea Bao
Scheduled Speaker #1 Adrian Haymond Andrew Hill
Scheduled Speaker #2 Brian Belleville Bob Hudack
Scheduled Speaker #3
Evaluator #1 Kevin Bossenmeyer Brian Belleville
Evaluator #2 Doug Tully Adrian Haymond
Evaluator #3
Table Topics Master Ana Hallett Sevag Shirinian
General Evaluator Alicia Hays Karla Hill
Greeter/Vote Counter Emily Xue Anna Lam
Timer Andrew Hill Ana Hallett
Grammarian/Ah Counter Andrea Bao Gaby Xiong
Inspiration Karla Hill TBD
Hot Seat SPEAKER Anna Lam
Hot Seat Gaby Xiong

“Go out and be good leaders!”

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