Time flies

It may seem like a long way off, but 2015 will be here before you know it. A small but earnest group representing UCI staff, faculty, alumni, students and community supporters has begun meeting regularly to scope out the most appropriate way to celebrate the occasion of UCI’s semicentennial.

We’re planning to start this September with a somewhat quiet rollout of anniversary-related actions. Why September? A couple of reasons: It marks 50 months before the anniversary of our first day of classes; so a monthly countdown of activities, which we are dubbing “50 to 50,” needs to begin then. Also this September we welcome as freshmen the class of 2015.

We know (quite well) that campus resources are limited, and starting now also helps in our search for community partners who could support our celebration through donations of money or in-kind services.

In our early meetings, we’ve talked about a number of efforts. Some are typical anniversary markers, some not so typical. We’re hoping you can help us with some feedback and input.

The UCI Libraries is looking into a project that involves historical documentation, including the digital archiving of some precious oral histories from key faculty members and administrators that have been collected over the years. It’s to be seen how that will manifest itself, but it’s likely to have some type of Web presence launched in fall 2015.

We’re developing a visual identity program, much like we did for our 40th anniversary, where campus units can incorporate the 50th anniversary logo into their own communications materials. Once that’s developed, we’ll post a link on this site and otherwise let campus communicators know about it.

We’d love to hear from you while we’re still in the early planning stages. What do you think of the ideas in development? What other ways should UCI celebrate its golden anniversary?

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3 Responses to Time flies

  1. Carl L. Lenhart says:

    I wish to acknowledge the inestimable influence on my life by three UCI classicists during the years 1968-71: Professors Theodore Brunner, Luci Berkowitz, and Peter Colaclides. Their inspirational guidance has enabled me to have a most satisfying career in the teaching of Greek and Latin. My passion especially for the teaching of ancient Greek, which they helped instill within me, has led to my being awarded honorary Greek citizenship at the ancient seat of the Oracle of Apollo, the city of Delphi. To fulfill long dreamed ambitions, I have even climbed the steeply inclined stone walls of windswept Troy. I continue to teach Homeric Greek during the summers in Greece, teaching on beaches, in caves, on mountain tops, at monasteries, with virtually the whole land of Greece being the classroom. Throughout my life the spirit of these three UCI professors will live on as I share with my students the eternal messages of the nobility–the awesomeness–of the human spirit. The UCI family not only reaches the mind, but it also touches the heart.
    In the words of Homer, “kata thumon”, from the heart–Carl Lenhart, Class of 1970

  2. Hal Moore says:

    I am a founding faculty member in the Chemistry Department. Recently I came across a 22 page article from the Daily Pilot published on Oct. 4, 1965, our opening day. As you can imagine, after 50 years in a dusty file it was in poor condition. So, I had it scanned and digitalized. It is now in good condition and would make a nice display. At the request of Reg Penner, our Chair, I have also written a history (175 pages) of the early days of the Department that now includes a lot of history of the campus. This is composed of many pictures I took of the campus in 1965 along with comparison shots I took recently from the same spots. Among these is a photo of Mike Grayston and myself taken by the fountain in front of Rowland Hall on Mike’s graduation day in 1969. The comparison shot was taken a few months ago from the same spot. Yes, time can be your enemy! Interestingly, the Pilot article noted above, features two charter undergraduates, Mike Grayston and Pam Wood. Mike was an undergraduate research student in my lab and Pam started as a Chemistry Major. Both went on for their Ph D degrees and have had very successful careers. In any event, you might be interested in these things.

    Also, Dave Schetter’s band is not the only band that could add to the ceremonies. I along with several other Uci colleagues also play in a band. In addition to myself, our band includes a founding Chair (former VC of Academic Affairs), a Uci alumnus (now Uci Professor), a former VC of Development and a faculty member in Social Ecology. Perhaps a “battle of the bands” is in order. Cheers, Hal

  3. Lillian Aranda says:

    I am an UCI graduate class of 1992 and a longtime staff member. I would like to know if there will be committees available for staff members to volunteer in the planning and organizing of the UC Irvine’s 50th?

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