Historical Documentation Subcommittee

Scope: This subcommittee is responsible for identifying historical documents, photos, oral histories, films and any other materials that can be used in telling the 50th anniversary story. Subcommittee, with input from full committee, will prioritize a menu of items, determine needed budget, and begin digitization items for use on modern platforms, as budget allows. Goal is to create a modern archive of items available for use to other subcommittees and the campus community and coordinate an historical documentation initiative. See Announcing the Online Archive of UCI History.

Chair:  Audra Eagle Yun, Head of Special Collections & Archives and University Archivist, UCI Libraries


  • Edgar Dormitorio, Chief of Staff and Director of Communications, Student Affairs
  • Laura Uglean Jackson, Archivist for University Archives, UCI Libraries
  • Bill Maurer, Dean, School of Social Sciences
  • Jeff Minhas, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations
  • Keith Nelson, History Professor Emeritus*
  • Spence Olin, History Professor Emeritus*
  • Craig Reem,¬†Public Affairs & Communications Director, City of Irvine
  • Krystal Tribbett, 50th Anniversary Project Historian, UCI Libraries
  • Zen Yieh, Marketing Account Executive, UC Irvine Extension


2 Responses to Historical Documentation Subcommittee

  1. Will Nagel says:

    Dear Ginger Morris,
    Please contact me directly by phone or e-mail and I can respond to your request about our book publisher.
    Best regards,
    Will Nagel
    (949) 824-6275

  2. This message is for Audra. The University of La Verne will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary in 2016. We would like to produce a commemorative book in honor of this significant anniversary. Are you able to recommend a full-service publisher that may be able to complete this project for us? I would appreciate any feedback you may be able to provide. While doing research I noted that you are celebrating your 50th and thought you may be able to make a recommendation. Thank you.

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