Welcome to the website for the Associated Doctoral Students in Education at UCI (“ADSE”)!

All PhD students in Education at UCI are automatically members of ADSE.  ADSE is the body by which we institutionalize the student voice at the decision making table.  Student representatives attend and vote in various decision-making committees in our School of Education.  This level of student power in programmatic decision-making is uncommon in graduate programs.

Besides representing the student voice in the future direction of our PhD program, ADSE also operates a number of other programs meant to foster community and enrich student life.

ADSE holds regular meetings among ADSE Leaders.  Leaders are elected or selected each year from the student body to perform service, but all students are welcome at every ADSE meeting and encouraged to help!

You’ll find our mission and bylaws on this site as well as info on some of our upcoming events.

Very best,

Robert Kalinowski

ADSE President, 2017-2018

Upcoming Events

ADSE Meeting

April 23, 2018 from 2:00-3:00 in Dean’s Conference Room

Steering Committee Meeting Dates

More events


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