To advance the UC Irvine School of Medicine teaching mission through faculty development in pedagogy and state of the art instructional methods, mentorship, and student assessment, while creating a culture of education that incorporates our entire UCISOM community and applauds excellence in teaching the art and science of medicine.


Teaching well is challenging! AIME provides support to our community of educators.

Becoming a member of AIME requires completing an EduProject and attending select faculty development events. If you have incorporated an innovative approach in your teaching, you probably already have a head start on your project. Membership guidelines and suggestions for EduProjects on posted on this site.  All membership requirements are designed to hone your teaching skills, a benefit to you and the individuals you teach.

Direct benefits of joining AIME include:

  • UCISOM recognition of your commitment to pursue excellence in teaching
  • Support from AIME to pursue projects (advice, resources, assistance in implementation, support to analyze statistical data from EduProjects)
  • Financial support to attend medical education courses and conferences
  • Financial support to attend meetings as a UC Irvine School of Medicine representative, e.g. Group on Faculty Affairs (GFA)
  • Belong to a community of medical educators who share the vision that teaching well enables the best care of patients.