January 30th: Joachim Vandekerckhove on Bayesian Meta-Analysis

We will have our first BIG meeting of the Winter Quarter at 5 pm, on January 30th in room 4011 in Bren Hall (NOTE THE ROOM CHANGE)

Joachim Vandekerckhove (Associate Professor, Department of Cognitive Sciences, UCI) will discuss Bayesian Meta-Analysis in the Cognitive Sciences.

More specifically, he will lead a discussion based on the following two articles:

Baribault et al (2017) Meta-studies for robust tests of theory, which can be retrieved here: https://osf.io/g84py/

Alex J Sutton and Keith R Abrams. Bayesian methods in meta-analysis and evidence synthesis, which can be downloaded here:


As usual, we ask for your RSVP by completing the survey below:


We will check on the food policy in the room. If not pizza, we will bring some snacks.