Type 1 Diabetes Walks, October/November 2018

The BEAMS Lab participated in the JDRF One Walk to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research. We had a blast walking at Anaheim Stadium!

We also participated in the Shooting Stars Walk at Newport Balboa Island for the second year. They raised over $18,000 to fund a cure!



COSMOS Cluster 6 Microfluidics Demo/Lab, July 2018

For the second year, high schoolers in the COSMOS program at UCI visit the BEAMS lab to learn about microfluidics and make their own. It is always a pleasure to have such brilliant students in the lab!


EASET1D Visits the Lab, June 2018

Co-Founders Debbie George and Michelle Thornburg of EASET1D come to visit the laboratory and learn about what we are working on! They are doing great work to raise awareness about T1D so that all people are educated about this disease. Follow them on Facebook here and view the post here. Or, check out their website and their post of the visit here.


JDRF Orange County Research Presentation, February 2018

Dr. Elliot Botvinick and his students, Todd Thorson (co-advised by Dr. Ali Mohraz), Luciano Groisman, and Rachel Gurlin, spoke about the diabetes technologies they are developing to improve the life of type 1 diabetics (T1D). Dr. Botvinick also invited collaborators Dr. Gregory Weiss, and his student Sanjana Sen to speak about their insulin sensor progress.

Lunch with Erik Douds, Diabadass Tour organizer and participant, January 2018

Erik Douds of the Diabadass Tour interviews the BEAMS lab about the technologies our lab is focusing on. Take a look!

Savvy Diabetics 22nd Annual Shooting Stars Walk, October 2017

Rachel Gurlin and Weiss lab members walk with the Savvy Diabetics group to raise money for T1D research!

Alma Science Academy in Santa Ana, July 2017

Mark Keating and Dr. Elliot Botvinick visit students in Santa Ana to teach circuits and make heart rate monitors!

COSMOS UCI Microfluidics Demo/Lab, July 2017

As a UCSD COSMOS (California State Summer School for Math and Science) participant herself in the summer of 2008, Rachel Gurlin designed a demo and lab for UCI COSMOS students. What a great group to work with and looking forward to doing it again next year!

Beckman Laser Institute 30th Anniversary Event, Multiple Reflections

The BEAMS lab attends the Beckman Laser Institute’s annual open house and demonstrations, Multiple Reflections, to showcase the optical technologies for better T1D therapies.