California State Seal of Biliteracy Update

More than 10,000 graduating high school seniors earned the new State Seal of Biliteracy on their diplomas this past June.  This is the first time that the state has given out this award.  In the past, school districts awarded their own Seal of Biliteracy Awards to students based on their own set of criteria.  In order to qualify for the new State Seal of Biliteracy, all students in California will need to meet a uniform set of criteria which includes strong proficiency in both the English-language arts and a world language.

Good to know that our students in our dual language programs will be preparing for this high school seal when they enter kindergarten.  I am sure the number of students receiving the State Seal of Biliteracy will continue to increase as the number of dual language immersion programs grow throughout our state and nation.

California Department of Education News Release

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