Welcome New Bilingual Teacher Candidates


Multiple Subject Bilingual Candidates (standing) and Bilingual Alumni (seated) at UCI’s Annual Bilingual Luncheon

A new cohort of bilingual candidates has joined the UCI Multiple Subject Teacher Credential Program this year.  Many classes have already started for them, but the official start date for the academic year is October 2.  During the annual bilingual luncheon, held immediately after their orientation last month, candidates had the opportunity to meet bilingual alumni who are currently teaching at various local dual immersion schools.

Last year, 100% of our students were hired at various public schools, the majority teaching in dual immersion programs. Our bilingual community is growing stronger with every bilingual teacher that exits our program.  A strong network of bilingual alumni is represented in many of our local dual immersion schools including:  Gates, Las Palmas, ViejoBergeson, El Sol and Orange County Educational Arts Academy.  Other bilingual alumni are hired in Riverside and Los Angeles.  Los Angeles Unified and Riverside Unified School Districts are expanding their dual immersion programs.

Bilingual teachers are in high demand and for the past several years, most of our bilingual candidates have not had a problem finding a teaching position in a dual immersion or in regular schools.  If the trend continues, there will definitely not be a shortage of jobs for these bilingual candidates next year.

As with every year, it was amazing to meet such passionate individuals fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean or Mandarin.  Biliteracy in the various languages is something they have successfully achieved.  Future second language learners enrolled in dual immersion or regular classrooms will greatly benefit from their rich linguistic and multicultural experiences.

For more information regarding where our UCI bilingual candidates are hired, please see:  Spotlight on Bilingual Teachers 

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