Two New Dual Immersion Programs in Newport Mesa Unified School District

Newport Mesa Unified School District will offer two new dual immersion programs for the incoming 2015-16 school year.  College Park Elementary School will offer Mandarin and Whittier Elementary School will offer Spanish.  Both schools are located in Costa Mesa. Enrollment for these two schools are only open to students residing within their school district zone.  Applications are still open until April 15.

Newport Mesa will also launch six new programs for their high school students called their Signature Academies and five of these programs will be open for incoming ninth grade students next year;  the sixth one will start in 2016/17.  All of these new programs will focus on global competitiveness.  Corona Del Mar High School will specifically offer the Academy of Global Studies and Newport Harbor High School will offer the International Baccalaureate Academy.  Applications for all of their Signature Academies are also open until April 2015.

Here is an excerpt of their mission statement for their Signature Academies:

All NMUSD Signature Academies aspire to take students beyond the basics to elevate their academic vision. All academies have a global competitiveness theme. Students choosing to enroll in the Signature Academies receive unique curriculum options and supplemental activities that complement the highly successful core academic programs at our four high schools. Each academy in our high school zones approaches global competitiveness from a unique angle.

This is exciting news for Orange County!  As stated on their district website, their students will definitely make their mark on the world.

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