3 New Themes Available

We’ve installed three new themes so that you may change the “look and feel” of your blog. The themes are:

  • Desk Mess – a casual work-desk theme for a different blogging experience.
  • SimpleX – a simple and clean theme with options to choose different color combinations
  • WhiteHouse – a professional two-column theme with built-in support for twitter feed.

You can try out one of these new themes or any of the other ones by logging into your blog and clicking the Change Theme button in your Dashboard. Changing your theme is also available under Appearance > Themes.


  1. TO: Blogs@UCI
    FR: LDH
    RE: Automatic updating of blog themes?

    This is more of an information question. Your FAQ Section did not seem to cover this particular situation.

    One of the three new themes SimpleX looks very nice. I believe there is now an upgraded version available on WPMU. Do your themes automatically upgrade as newer versions become available on WPMU?

    I have been given to understand that Sadish Bala is updating some of his older Free Themes. UCI has a few themes currently i.e. Misty Lake, Glorious Day, and some other themes. As these themes are updated will they also become available for updating too, if they are compatible?

    Please excuse me if I do not fully understand all of the technical aspects of maintaining such a large blogging operation running under WPMU. Any assistance will be most appreciated. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you.


  2. Sylvia Bass says


    Theme updates are generally available to us through the administrative interface to WordPress MU. I checked on SimpleX and I believe we have the latest version which is 1.3.1. The other themes you metioned by Sadish Bala are not available through the WordPress theme installer. We installed them as part of a WordPress MU package. I’ll check to see if he has updates. Two of our other themes do have updates and I’ll test them on our development server and then make the changes on the production server. Thank you for your questions. It was a good reminder to check for theme updates.