New Theme: Pinboard

Pinboard screenshotWe have installed a new theme on Sites@UCI called Pinboard. Pinboard is an elegant theme that uses responsive design for use on mobile devices. This theme has many custom options including font selection and custom CSS for extended display options.

We’ve included a few tips to help you get started. Pinboard works well for blogging sites, but will also work with a static home page. You may want to try the “Landing Page” template with a static home page.

Features include:

  • Flexible, multicolumn grid for Posts
  • Responsive layout that works well on mobile devices
  • Post thumbnails
  • Post formats
  • Multiple layout options and custom page templates
  • Built-in design elements for creating custom layouts and landing pages
  • Custom fonts and advanced typography options
  • Area to create your own CSS
  • Custom background image
  • Social Media links for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.
  • SEO-ready and options to give you control over code semantics
  • Custom 404 page (Hint, this is a Widget Area. Drop in the widgets to display custom 404 messages or a search box.)

Tips for Pinboard Theme

Adding description to menu items

You can add a small description that can be displayed below each menu item. To use this feature, go to Appearance > Menus, expand the menu items and type in your description in the field called “Title”.

Pinboard Description

Pinboard Menu with description

Adding thumbnails to posts

This theme supports the built-in featured image functionality. This will display a featured image as a thumbnail in your display of Posts. To use this feature, upload an image and select the image and click the “Use as Featured Image” link.

Adding posts to the slider

The slider displays “sticky” posts. To add a slider, create your Posts and make them “sticky”. This is available under the Visibility options in the Publish box of your Post. Make sure to add a featured image if you want the slider to display an image instead of just the text of your Post.

Sticky Post