What happened to Blogs@UCI?

The use of WordPress has evolved over the two years since we introduced Blogs@UCI. People are using it for more than just blogging. To reflect the expanded use, we have decided to re-brand the service to Sites@UCI.

What does this mean to you?

If you already have a blog, you don’t need to change a thing. Your current address will redirect to “sites.uci.edu/yoursitename/”.  We will keep the redirect for one year. You should start using your new web address or URL to publicize your site.

WordPress as a Content Management System

If you want to use WordPress as a content management system, you can do that too. We have a Help Document that shows you how to configure your home page to be a static page instead of a listing of your most recent posts.

New Version of WordPress

Another change you will notice when logging in to edit your site is that the administrative interface has been redesigned. The functionality has only minor changes. We will be updating our Help Documents to reflect the changes.

We hope you enjoy this expanded use. If you have any feedback, please use our Contact Form or comment below.


  1. Does this mean that I should inform Google analytics to change the site
    name that they are monitoring, and is it easy to do (i.e. how do I do it)?
    By the way, I like the ease of the blog format and the ability to deliver opinions in small doses, as opposed to a large lecture or online Powerpoint. However, I am only getting about five hits a day, probably by google and other cataloging sites, so I don’t think it has been very effective for my subjects. Do you think facebook does better? Thank you. Dennis Silverman

  2. Sylvia Bass says

    You don’t have to change anything for Google Analytics to still work as it is still using the same GA code. However, you can update the account name by logging in to Google Analytics and clicking the Edit link next to the site name. As for getting more hits to your site, you could use Facebook to promote your site. A lot of departments and even UCI Communications use Facebook and other social media to bring more attention to content on their sites.