WordPress 3.4

We have updated Sites@UCI to the latest version of WordPress, 3.4. This release includes some improvements to theme customizations, Twitter embeds and image caption extras.

Live Preview

Live Preview screenshot

Live Preview Screenshot

The new Live Preview feature allows you to modify some theme settings before you activate and publish them to your live site. If the theme supports it, you can change colors, backgrounds, and custom image headers. You can also change your site’s title and tagline as well as decide if you want a static home page instead of a blog from the Live Preview settings. When browsing themes, use the Live Preview link to try out this new feature.

Header Images

If you use the default Twenty Eleven as your theme, you can now adjust the size of the header image by uploading an image and cropping to the desired height. It is recommended that your image be a minimum of 1,000 pixels wide to render well. If your theme allows custom headers, you can now choose from your existing image library instead of having to upload a new image each time.

Embed Tweets

You can now easily embed Tweets by copying and pasting the direct URL to a Tweet. Just make sure the link is on its own line. Your readers can Replay, Retweet or Favorite from your site.

Tweet Example

Tweet Example