WordPress 4.6

Sites@UCI was updated to WordPress 4.6 today. It is the second major release to WordPress in 2016. The new version includes some improvements.

Native System Fonts in the Dashboard

WordPress was using Open Sans, a Google Font, as the default font so that the administrative interface would look the same across devices and platforms. This did mean a slight compromise on speed. Now, in WordPress 4.6 your native system font will be used in the dashboard area. This will make WordPress admin load faster and fell more like your native device. This change only affects the admin area and not your public facing site.

Highlighting MalformedĀ Links in the Visual Editor

WordPress will now attempt to check added links while working in the visual editor. If the link is broken or malformed, it will appear in a red dotted box alerting you to the issue and allowing you to fix it..

Check for bad url

The update also includes many more under-the-hood improvements and bug-fixes.