California Challenge Results

Ford Design Award:     California State University, Northridge

FSAE Class:

  • 1st: California State University, Los Angeles,
  • 2nd: California State University, Fullerton,
  • 3rd: UCI Epsilon.

Electrathon Class*:

  • 1st: Hereford High School (Baltimore, MD),
  • 2nd: Warwick High School (Newport News, VA),
  • 3rd: Clarksburg High School (Clarksburg, MD).

Energy Invitational Class:

  • 1st: UCI Delta,
  • 2nd: Tustin High School, (Tustin, CA),
  • 3rd: Foothill High School (Tustin, CA).

Overall Winner:     UCI Delta

*Correction:  The previously posted order for the Electrathon was incorrect. The places for Clarksburg HS and Hereford HS were reversed.