Vehicle Entry Application Form

Information for Electrathon Teams

  1. Teams competing in the Electrathon category must meet the latest rules and regulations published by Electrathon America
  2. Teams must be currently registered with Electrathon America and in good standing at the time of the competition. Teams must present their valid membership cards at registration. This also has an impact on car numbers because they are officially assigned by EA for the entire year no matter which event they participate in.
  3. The technical inspection form we use is specific to EA and is on page 39 of the handbook referenced in item 1 above. Please feel free to post this form on the registration page since it is different than the one you use.
  4. Below is specific information we would like to gather from EA teams to make a determination about the teams and who gets invited in case we receive too many responses.

Information for All Race Teams

Application for Participation in the California Challenge
The California Challenge is an invitational event. Registration involves completion of the following steps:

  1. Fill out the application form at your earliest convenience to express interest in participating in this event. This will identify the team manager and team advisor and provide contact information;
  2. A separate registration form will be sent to your team manager which requires a listing of the team members and a photograph of your vehicle;
  3. A registration fee of $175 is required to support some of the cost for lunches and water that are to be provided to team members during the event;
  4. Final registration confirmation will be provided to each team.