Canvas for Academic Programs

Canvas is automatically available to instructors of courses listed in the University Registrar’s Schedule of Classes.

The EEE team can also provide Canvas spaces for programs that meet the following criteria:

  • Supports undergraduate students
  • Fits within either an academic year (e.g. 2018-2019) or a particular term (e.g. Fall 2018)
  • Has an identifiable set of participants, all of whom have valid UCInetIDs
  • Has a group account -or- one or more individuals identified as program administrators who will manage users (more info below)
  • All administrators must have received FERPA training

The program’s chosen administrator(s) must manage adding and removing participants in the role of student or teacher because that information cannot be automatically drawn from enrollment records. Otherwise, a program space includes the same Canvas tools as any course space, and the EEE team provides the same level of technical support.

Note that program space criteria and availability may change as the Canvas transition progresses. Also, because creating a new program space requires staff availability/capacity, all requests should be made well in advance of when the spaces will be needed. Finally, all spaces are associated with either a full academic year or a particular term, so program administrators are responsible for following up with new requests for each new academic year or term in which their programs need Canvas space.

Note that, in the unlikely event of a major Canvas outage, program spaces may lose enrollment and administrators may need to re-invite users (assignment submissions and other course participation should be restored when users rejoin)

To request a program space in Canvas, contact us.