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New: Download your EEE gradebook history

The EEE team has built a new tool so that instructors and teaching assistants can download archives of their gradebook data with just one click per academic year.

Get started here:

Many instructors have emphasized the critical importance of EEE Legacy GradeBook data so we have added this option to help retrieve and store copies of data that may be needed in the future, without needing to download each and every gradebook individually.

When downloading and storing this data, please be mindful of good security practices. For more information about working with student information, see:

There are multiple reasons we must move beyond EEE, some of which require that we either shut down the system in 2020 or risk significant security vulnerabilities. That’s a risk we cannot accept given the sensitivity of grades and other records stored on EEE. While we cannot retain and provide GradeBook data indefinitely, we are holding EEE GradeBook for the last phases of the transition project and closely monitoring Instructure’s efforts to build a new Canvas gradebook.

The current plan is to retire the EEE Legacy GradeBook in three stages:

(1) Current – EEE GradeBook and past data fully available

(2) Fall 2019 – EEE GradeBook past data will all remain available, but instructors will not be able to create new gradebooks or make changes <- INCORRECT; GradeBook will remain fully available until its retirement in Summer 2020

(3) Summer 2020 – EEE GradeBook and historic data will be completely unavailable

We strongly recommend retrieving copies of relevant data and storing it securely sooner, rather than later.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns and thank you to all the instructors who have helped us understand this need!

POLL: Instructors’ top Canvas concerns

In Spring 2018, we surveyed all instructors about the challenges involved in using Canvas. We’ve summarized the results and what is being done to address the top concerns.

27% of respondents cited Canvas gradebook as the area where they have the most concerns. Canvas is already working on a new gradebook, so for the time-being we are monitoring their progress closely. There are two concerns we will be addressing with custom development: 6.5% raised concerns with the Canvas email system, and 4% raised concerns with the lack of campus student ID numbers in Canvas. We will be building a custom mail list system to replace the EEE Legacy ClassMail Lists before that service is retired from EEE, and we are working to determine how we could get campus student ID numbers into the Canvas gradebook (it's not straight-forward, but we're determined to find a way!). We are focusing on resources to address the remaining concerns, which included 7% mentioning file management, 6.5% assignments, 6.5% time-consuming nature of working in Canvas, 5% quizzes, and 4.5% integration. To address the issues in those areas, we are focusing on improving training, support, and documentation. Finally, although we asked about pain points, we were surprised to see that 16.5% of responses were positive highlights! We're also looking at ways we can help to highlight the features of Canvas that instructors are finding the most useful.
Results summary for Spring 2018 survey of instructors’ top Canvas concerns

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Feedback like this is invaluable to the transition project and we greatly appreciate the time instructors took to complete this survey and share their experiences with the EEE Team.

We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns and encourage you to reach out any time via!